Essential SEO Apps for Freelancers to Increase Productivity

Technology has rapidly changed the marketing industry. And in today’s era, smartphones are in the same stage. There is no doubt, the smartphone is now part of our daily lives.

If you want, this little device can be helpful for business work.


Rising Number of Mobile Users

According to SEO experts, Google now counts AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as a ranking factor of the website. It’s only because of the consistently increasing number of smartphone users.



Why We Should Use?

The majority of users use a smartphone for internet browsing, call, SMS, reading and gaming, etc.

But what if people also able to use smartphone devices as their business work? After all, everybody keeps mobile in their pocket.


As a freelancer, it can save your time, make your work easier and it’s ultimately going to give a positive effect on your work productivity.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best time-saving SEO apps on Google Play Store.


Best Apps for SEO


  1. Plagiarism Checker (Prepostseo)

In SEO content writing, plagiarism is the necessary part. If you are looking for the best plagiarism app on Google Play then you should go for the Prepostseo plagiarism app.


It’s free and user-friendly. They also have a feature to check plagiarism by selecting photos/documents.

Along with that, the Prepostseo plagiarism app has a premium plan. You can check plagiarism with a very good number of queries by taking their plan.


Download link:


  1. Paraphrasing Tool

To save time, paraphrasing can’t be ignored.

It’s also beneficial for a content writer when they are looking for the synonymous of the words which satisfy their content intent.

We choose this paraphrasing app. The reason is that they have an AI version which is helpful to paraphrase your content.


Download link:


Useful Features

  • User Friendly
  • Allow you to choose manually synonyms
  • AI Version
  • Undo Content Option
  • Download Paraphrased Content

  1. Trello


Trello is a project management tool. Trello just like the Kanban method that provides a visual signal for the task.


If you have the team then Trello can be the savior of your time. Trello allows to easily assign tasks to your member and provide information within the card.

It’s also useful to schedule your work, plan, and much more. It’s is free and user friendly.


You must give it a shot if you have a team or looking for the best project management tool.


Download link:


  1. SEO CHECK (Site Audit)

Freelancing is one of the rising industries in the digital world. Especially when the covid knock our world. Marketers have seen a big difference in the digital world during the pandemic.

It also impacts to increase freelancing jobs. And in digital marketing, SEO is one of the main pillars.


SEO freelancers need to send audit reports to their clients. SEO Check is one of the best ranking apps available in Google Play for audit the site.

This free app can check all basics, common problems, and even some professional SEO mistakes.

The best part of this app is that it’s user-friendly. They provide a report in chart form which can give you enough information in less time.


Download link:


  1. Article Rewriter and Spinner

Fresh writers need some ideas to write the article on the topic.

Even a professional writer also needs an article rewriter to take ideas. It helps them to explain the same message in different ways.


Along with that app can provide plagiarism-free content by using their advanced algorithms.


Download link:


Useful Features:

  • Upload article from document
  • Allow you to choose manually suggestions synonyms
  • Copy Option in One Click
  • 100% Free
  • Secure to Use



These are one of the efficient apps that really can be helpful for your work. This app list is bringing the best results in its role.

The advice that I can give you to select the app from this list that best matches your offering services.

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