We are a trained professionals team available and (committed) to leverage your business.

We work with e-commerce consultancy, websites, and social media. We guide and promote your brand on the Internet through digital presence analysis (Digital Media). With the new trend in the web for solutions, we combine creative design with SEO techniques to increase results.

SEO Consulting

There is no point having a beautiful site, if not appear on the Google results page. The Falcon Consulting through its consulting service in SEO and website optimization does a deep research to determine what are the keywords that consumers of your product or service are typing into Google search box. With this data, we optimize your website or online store to attract qualified traffic, or people interested in consuming your product or service.

Consulting Digital Marketing

Our service within the consultancy in Digital Marketing is to create, implement and monitor strategies for their customers to be closer to your enterprise. And through the suggestions of customers can make improvements meeting all the expectations we have about the quality, price, delivery time, and other advantages offered.

Creation and Virtual Stores Management

The virtual stores are developed through the use of open source software, customized according to the company’s business needs. And after deployment, there will be a piece of training for the customer to have autonomy in managing their own business.

FREELANCING SOLUTION CREATE (develops), OPTIMIZES (perfect) and MANAGES your virtual store. The concern of your company is selling. Thus, the products must be of quality, price and time have. We have excellent quality in lodging. And integration with the various modules of payment available on the market for e-commerce

Marketing in Social Media

What is the value of your business in the digital world? It is from the Marketing in social media that the value of your product or service increases or decreases. Note that multiple users (potential customers) are connected simultaneously to various social networks. The posting of content about goods or services is increasingly valued before the e-consumer finalize the purchase (online or offline). We HANDLE YOUR BRAND on social networks through relevant content and monitoring following the new market trends.

Sites Optimized Creation

Through its optimized source code (keywords) bring good quality and visibility traffic to your business. And the purpose of this site is to present YOUR BUSINESS WEB clearly and objectively.

As there is business growth, there is the expansion of the site. It is a competitive advantage in the market and time to deploy new features to your site there is no need for significant investments. Allied to this, the customer can make updates in the company lowering maintenance costs through the use of content management companies systems.

And more:

Inbound Marketing

Revolutionize the way you do business with Inbound Marketing

Site Optimization (SEO)

Adaptive SEO

Significantly increase traffic to your website with SEO Adaptive

Sponsored Links (PPC)

Sponsored Links (Adwords)

Reach the KPIs that your business needs with our PPC platform

Social media

We create relationships rather than just profiles

Website development

Responsive website

Build a brand experience, not a website


Our goal is to offer solutions through analysis of metrics to further maximize results.

We adapt the strategies and put the company as a reference in the market because we are always up to date with new trends.

Freelancing Solution is a marketing company focused on generating concrete results for our clients. We create the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business get more sales and increase your customer base consistently and permanently. Make hundreds of customers. Let’s build a success story together!

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