Writing Tools & It’s Importance

Now a day this is not a secret that the best way to increase organic traffic is through writing targeted copy using proper SEO techniques. The great thing is that we have several Content Writing tools in the market today that make content publishing easy. These Content Writing Tools help us:

  • Find the right & appropriate keywords
  • Write the actual targeted copy
  • Write the best meta description
  • Increase conversions by split testing your copy to see which version is most efficient
  • Track down any content/article/blog that has been plagiarized from other site

This is very much important to any content originator for any kind of web publishing: whether you might be writing copy to get a large company site; or making content for a blog post.

05 Essential Content Writing Tools for Writers

1.Google’s Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool is the greatest keyword exploration tool available on the market and it’s completely free! This software is vital for assisting the writers to produce content strategies. You can research the number of global & local searches with a certain keyword. Google’s Keyword Tool also permits you to see how competitive the particular keyword is. Generally, here the rule is to go pertaining reasonably the well-known keywords using with lower competition.

2.Headline Analyzer

What does an incredibly good headline look like? The free tool Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule can let you know. It results your subject quality as well as rates its ability to drive social shares, targeted visitors, and SEO value. In my opinion, its effect is letting you strengthen specific different parts of your title. For example, it studies on observed sentiment as well as harmony associated with word varieties. It’ll even show how it’s going to appear in search results.


There isn’t any “right answer” for just how long a post should be. As long because it serves it’s purpose — regardless of whether that’s idea leadership, traveling leads, explaining a new concept, or something different — length doesn’t subject matter. But despite the fact that we do not recommend writing web sites with some sort of word count planned, sometimes concept of counting word will come in handy. Exactly WordCounter is the effective way you think that it can: Paste inside your content as well as it’ll throw out exactly how many words you could have.

4.Grammarly & Correctica

Whilst human editors will be able to catch many grammatical errors, editing equipment softwares like Grammarly and also Correctica are usually great equipment for triple-checking before you press “publish” or even “send”. Both free tools check for grammatical errors and Grammarly also checks for plagiarism.


Copyscape is online plagiarism checker software. It checks to find out if anyone has been stealing your content and is a great idea in this period when copy content is a big no-no and is also being disciplined by the search engines.

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