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How to write content that people want to link

It is one thing to populate your website with content and another to get people to want to link to that content. On one hand you would have you should write content including good descriptions of products or services while on the other you would have the type of content that excites and inspires. Then comes the question how should one go about this given we are not all experts? Well it not all about being an expert you could reach the same target just by being a bit more analytical.

  1. Create Link Worthy Content

To achieve this you do not want to just mention why but you want to include several how to options in your content. When thinking about content browse the net using abroad keyword and look at the content that makes you say wow! Make efforts to write content that runs along those lines and you will most likely have more people interested in linking back to your website.

  1. Improve on topics you find

In many instances the author of the exciting write content will mention unanswered questions or possibilities. Take the chance to explore such options and share this with the author. It is likely that based on this you will foster a new relationship that could provide answers or even better sources for future content writing. If you find a great article on health foods go a step further and break it down to something like top 20 health foods for pregnant mothers.

  1. Find reliable assets

Reach out and seek other people who have reliable and trustworthy reputation to get links from. These assets alone will provide you with information and links to even more assets that ultimately will improve you SEO rankings and reading. Assets are quite easy to find based on the number of links they generate – the more the better.

  1. Find the right target audience

On social media statistics can be very useful to your website. For instance on twitter people with an average of 5 retweets are much more likely to share content they receive. For this reason when beginning your content writing efforts make sure you begin fishing in the correct places. This alone can get you as much as 300% more shares.

  1. Find influencers

While this may seem simple enough you do not want to go about it in the conventional fashion. However, good your content just mailing an admin will have them thinking you are just another blogger. Instead you can go through a list of websites in the same niche and identify the ones you are interested in partnering with. Once done you should try get your content on sites such as inbound.org and have fellow bloggers vote. If you can gain attention there you will grab the attention of anyone else you sought to partner with. You could also us small tight knit communities on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get even more credit.

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