US State Social Bookmarking Sites 2021
Social Bookmarking

US State Social Bookmarking Sites 2021

Social Bookmarking is a web service that allows users to submit, add, revise, and even share bookmarks with other users. Social bookmark services have been popularizing the term “social bookmarking”. This has become increasingly common amongst online users and has led to the growth of many social bookmark services, all of which have varying aspects that affect bookmarking. For example, some social bookmark services offer their users the option of adding their own content into their list of bookmarks. Others may not. Some social bookmarking sites allow users to share specific books, articles, videos, or music. Some may allow users to share links to blogs, websites, or other types of media.


Serial No Bookmarking Sites Website Name
1 Elymart Bookmarks
2 Elymart Alabama
3 Elymart Arkansas
4 Elymart Arizona
5 Elymart California
6 Elymart Colorado
7 Elymart Connecticut
8 Elymart Delaware
9 Elymart Florida
10 Elymart Georgia
11 Elymart Iowa
12 Elymart Idaho
13 Elymart Illinois
14 Elymart Indiana
15 Elymart Kansas
16 Elymart Kentucky
17 Elymart Louisiana
18 Elymart Massachusetts
19 Elymart Maryland
20 Elymart Maine
21 Elymart Michigan
22 Elymart Minnesota
23 Elymart Missouri
24 Elymart Mississippi
25 Elymart Montana
26 Elymart North Carolina
27 Elymart Nebraska
28 Elymart Nevada
29 Elymart New York
30 Elymart Ohio
31 Elymart Oklahoma
32 Elymart Oregon
33 Elymart Pennsylvania
34 Elymart Tennessee
35 Elymart Texas
36 Elymart Utah
37 Elymart Virginia
38 Elymart Vermont
39 Elymart Washington
40 Elymart Wisconsin
41 Elymart Wyoming

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