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How to do Local Citations

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Local Citations are defined as mentions of your particular business name along with address and phone number on various other webpages —even when there is no link aimed at your site. An example of a citation might be an online business directory such as Yell, Yellowpages or Switchboard etc. where your company is listed explicitly by means of name.

Importance of Local Citations

Citations are a key factor of the ranking algorithms such as in Google, Bing and also Yahoo. Other factors are being equal; businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than the businesses with fewer citations. Your speech about your business is definitely true but it would be trustworthy when search engines can recognize the existence of your business from multiple sources.

Steps for Local Citations

Here FreelancingSolution is instructing you the easiest way for Local Citations along with few easy steps.

Step 01

Here in this step you have to sign up in business directory site such as in YellowYellow.

Local Citations Step 1 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 02

Verify your account for the next step. To submit your site, here need to click on “Submit Listing”.

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Step 03

At this stage, you have to fill up a form step by step where you have to give your business name, Address, Phone No, Web Address etc.

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Step 04

Here you have to select your business category & tags and also need to write the motto of your business.

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Step 05

Here you can add your or you’re your business logo.

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Step 06

Here you may submit the listing of your business social networking.

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Step 07

When you have completed all those steps rightly, it’s near about ready for your final listing.

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Step 08

Wow! It’s a final step for your Local citations.

Local Citations Step 8 FreelancingSolution.com

Feel free, just contact with us if you have any complexity to complete this task.

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