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5 tips for effective link building campaigns

5 tips for effective link building campaigns

All businesses, institutions and other organizations that have built web sites with the help of website do so to spread information about products or services. Because of this they often resort to various techniques to attract traffic or subscription to the web site. This process is known as link building and is possible using content, pictures, graphics and other material that “belongs” to the website. The entire process is very similar with a normal marketing campaign that will consider factors such as price, position, promotion, etc. You may also want to learn about Bitly, the world’s first and leading link management platform. Below are the factors that you need to consider for an effective link building:

5 considerations for effective link building

  1. Any link building campaign is just like marketing and for this reason it is important to set off with clear goals. An example of a realistic goal would be how many inward links you want to establish. If you want to attract say 50 visitors daily you need to chart a campaign that will help the business achieve this. In a competitive niche this is a lot more complex and involves much more than just setting a limit of say 20 back links.
  2. Secondly, you need to identify the material on the site you will use to build links. This includes articles, product reviews, expert opinions, tips and tricks, cheats, landing pages etc. These act as the bait your business needs to build interest in the product or service. While you can buy links, search engines such as Google are against it hence it is better to begin from scratch building these links from the ground up.
  3. You also need to clearly define what type of links you require. If you are selling “hot products” you will need links to the products or product categories pages. On the other hand if you provide consultancy services you are more likely to gain from links that point to your landing page. Besides with the business coaching you can learn how to use tools to determine how the link profile looks and work on either improving or altering the profile.
  4. For a successful link building campaign you will also need to establish link targets, navigate to this website and learn how this roofing company finds their target. Before you begin taking any steps in the campaign you need to take time to consider the relevance of the content and segments that will have interest in that content. Direct contact with people often leads to poor response rate and could affect your business negatively. When doing this you need to consider how to improve the quality of content to get it shared on social networks such as twitter and Facebook. With the right kind of content you can get the content shared widely given that more people have social media accounts than websites.
  5. Make it engaging. After all is said and done people will share and revisit sites with the content they like. A known Roofing SEO – Shibga Media Roofing SEO Marketing [2018], recommends that in the very beginning you should decide what angle you want your audience to expect e.g. informative, funny, controversial, statistical, etc. Using Facebook as an example you will observe a lot of the content that is widely shared on the website is often funny or controversial, do some text analytics to determine the customer feedback related to the intent of their content. If this is where you want your audience to get to know you then you need to ensure the content is properly designed to meet that objective.

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