How to write content that people want to link

It is one thing to populate your website with content and another to get people to want to link to that content. On one hand you would have you should write content including good descriptions of products or services while on the other you would have the type of content that excites and inspires. Then comes the question how should one go about this given we are not all experts? Well it not all about being an expert you could reach the same target just by being a bit more analytical.

  1. Create Link Worthy Content

To achieve this you do not want to just mention why but you want to include several how to options in your content. When thinking about content browse the net using abroad keyword and look at the content that makes you say wow! Make efforts to write content that runs along those lines and you will most likely have more people interested in linking back to your website.

  1. Improve on topics you find

In many instances the author of the exciting write content will mention unanswered questions or possibilities. Take the chance to explore such options and share this with the author. It is likely that based on this you will foster a new relationship that could provide answers or even better sources for future content writing. If you find a great article on health foods go a step further and break it down to something like top 20 health foods for pregnant mothers.

  1. Find reliable assets

Reach out and seek other people who have reliable and trustworthy reputation to get links from. These assets alone will provide you with information and links to even more assets that ultimately will improve you SEO rankings and reading. Assets are quite easy to find based on the number of links they generate – the more the better.

  1. Find the right target audience

On social media statistics can be very useful to your website. For instance on twitter people with an average of 5 retweets are much more likely to share content they receive. For this reason when beginning your content writing efforts make sure you begin fishing in the correct places. This alone can get you as much as 300% more shares.

  1. Find influencers

While this may seem simple enough you do not want to go about it in the conventional fashion. However, good your content just mailing an admin will have them thinking you are just another blogger. Instead you can go through a list of websites in the same niche and identify the ones you are interested in partnering with. Once done you should try get your content on sites such as inbound.org and have fellow bloggers vote. If you can gain attention there you will grab the attention of anyone else you sought to partner with. You could also us small tight knit communities on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get even more credit.

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Web Content Writing for 2016

In 2016 and beyond web content marketing likely to expand with more websites coming alive designed for use on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The main aspects that appear to bear the potential to continue influencing the nature of web content writing include inclusion of images, videos, and text. The better the quality of content writing the more likely the website satisfies needs of viewers.

For this reason quality content writing should be a consideration for any website give the degree of importance it has in relation to retaining visitors. Special emphasis should be given to custom landing pages, promotional material, new letters and email marketing. These marketing tools are essential to providing info about the product/service and grabbing customer attention. Below are some considerations to help you make the best content for your website.

Original Content Writing

While quality content writing is a choice, originality and the allure of the content is often a challenging issue. Writing entirely original content will take time and should be a goal to aspire to in the long run. Therefore if you have some successful online competitors you should look through the content and consider using that as a template or guideline. Alternatively you can hire an affordable writing service to help you get the ball rolling in your favor. It’s very hard to know what you don’t know, before you know it. Hiring an assistant is sometimes the only option.

However if you have or contribute to a blog that is linked to your website, prominence will be harder to achieve and originality is very important. For many newbies, blogging can be difficult; however keep in mind that blogs and forums are the best place to find countless and innovative ideas. These blogs and forums can serve as an endless source of inspiration to create captivating original content.

Organize and Use Captivating Headlines

Online articles with statistics are one of the best places to begin your journey to original content writing. For instance you should know that while of visitors 80% read headlines only 20% continue to read the entire article. Needles to say your headlines must be very attention grabbing and where possible always included in section heading text. A good headline says a lot but uses few words.

Exciting and Thought Provoking Headlines

Given the above trend in relation to readers in relation to headings and content writing (80% vs. 20%) used above you headlines should where possible immediately light a spark. It would appear that 80% of people browsing are looking for something and when the headline appears to point to what they are seeking they will stop and read.

You should note that in many cases good content does not have to contain cryptic information and statistics. More often the reader will glean through the information in search of something specific. For that reason you want content that is verifiable (include links where possible), provide information on how to use the ideas rather than just pointing out facts. You need to keep in mind that people read non-fiction to learn and thus your goal should be to help readers achieve this learning goal.

Provide directions

Search engines are the number one used software today because they provide answers. In your content writing bid it is important to ensure that what you offer or shows up in the results page provides answers. At the very least include a link to a site/page with the answer; and have it checked often for validity. Such links include those redirecting to other websites, forums, audio and video or text even social media sites or personalities. The more comprehensive the more likely the reader will return or even share the content.

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How to Write a Good Sales Letter

For many people marketing products or services preparing the right sales letter template can be quite a problem. This can be quite a problem especially in budding businesses that require one to take on various roles. Whatever the size of your business sales letters are one of the oldest and most widely used ways of delivering product or service information to customers. This scenario is common for many people and having a good template ready is the first step to ensuring increased sales of products or services for any business. Here are some tips.

Organizing the Sales Letter Sample

These vital business communication documents are not at all different from ordinary high school term papers. They require the same order that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Avoid writing in an abstract manner as this will lead to disconnections owing to jumbled information that often put off the reader and for this reason clarity is very essential. The intro typically informs the read why you are sending the letter, example to help boost sales of a new product. The body is where you put in all the juicy detail and your sales pitch. This section of the letter should be irresistible and explain just why you are so sure your product is ideal. It could discuss the ingredients, availability, pricing and offers. The conclusion is a wrap up of all the main points.


Many marketing companies will tell you that many sales letters end up in the trash. One of the reasons for this is complicated presentation packed with too much disorganized information. To avoid this you could use a conversational tone. Often depending on the target market, a friendly casual approach is more engaging. Where possible keep it simple with short sentences and short paragraphs that ensure your letter is interesting and direct. Sales letter templates with too much information are likely to send the wrong message and should be avoided. Lastly edit as much as possible and remove spelling errors and typos.

Captivating Sales Letter Templates

Everyone has at one time read a promotional brochure for a product that with a description that immediately answered a burning question. Many times this is because the template was captivating and included much of what the reader requires. You should note that this was probably backed with good graphics, links and plenty of the right information. Depending on the target market creating a tantalizing sales letter will vary quite a bit and for that reason it is always good to begin with a few samples from competitors.

It is also very important to include a call of action for the reader. In relation to the call of action be sure to include as much contact info as possible and make full use of social media to further enhance the contact options. Use as many examples that grab your reader’s attention where possible including live events. Headings should be as catchy as possible and sentences should be brief and concise.

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SEO Content Writing Tips

Basic Concept of SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is a fundamental portion of any digital marketing strategy same as an online content writer or marketer. The key is always to strike the best balance; create high quality content that people want to learn to read and search engines want to index. Freelancing Solution-a renowned online marketing organization focuses primarily on SEO content writing services beside the other services which boost the rankings together with enhancing the brand impression.

SEO Writing Techniques: 5 Ways to Create Better Content

Use a calendar

Especially when you’re an online marketer, planning is important. That is why you’ll need a content calendar. Creating one enables you to plan & visualize most of the writing activity for the year. It helps you to plan about important days, identify gaps with your strategy, and gaze after publishing regularity, which is vital for both readers in addition to SEO. Making a calendar also forces someone to research your current keywords and topics. As you are writing all of your (captivating) headlines ahead of time and use a bird’s-eye view of your respective content, it is unlikely that you’ll repeat these, and you will see continuity. In the end, if you are carrying out through proper way, your web pages and web site will entice and retain more visitors.

Create outlines

Generating detailed outlines on your articles, blog posts, and web copy ahead of time does unique for you. It will save your time period and work. It permits you to structure your articles for better readability along with SEO. It furthermore makes you feel about the messages that you’d like to convey with your SEO publishing which can help you avoid blow. Ideally, the outline will contain three elements: a search engine optimized headline that packs a impact, a hierarchy of keyword-rich subheadings, and your main message/thoughts/ideas for that piece (you will forget later). Certainly, you could always optimize whenever you write, but this would be easy enough to perform ahead of time.

Write for your audience first

This might seem noticeable, yet most of the businesses today are still churning available articles for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Of course, it is SEO matters. But finding your articles and engaging with SEO are two different things. Just think- “A prospective client runs the search, finds the page and opens that. By reading one or two sentences, he / she bounce. Definitely, search engines do not purchase these products, services and ideas as people do. If the highly optimized articles are tedious, incoherent, and unpersuasive, or the SEO writing looks like, it was written for search bots; probably you aren’t planning to be selling a whole lot. It’s quite simple… Write for your readers! Optimize your articles with keywords if you are done.

Incorporate keywords effectively

Most of the writers and marketers understand the values of employing the keywords. What these, people don’t realize- it is that how you will use them & incorporate it with rankings in addition to user experience in a big way. Granted, by the SEO perspective, keywords aren’t as significant as they were previously, but such things as relevance, prominence, and density are matter. Is your main keyword as part of your heading and at least one subheading, as close to the beginning as you can? Have you used the item naturally and maintained a safe and sound keyword density? Have you incorporated LSI keywords and long tail phrases, through an easy method that brings value and facilitate reading? These are asking that you should be wanted to know at the time of writing.

Add images

Basically, this isn’t the writing technique, but it could possibly bring ones SEO content writing alive. Images accentuate your text message and enhance the likelihood which prospects will probably read and engage with your content. People tend to be naturally interested in them although picture quality is significant. Low-quality images can be a turn-off for potential customers. Engagement to one side, images can certainly boost ones SEO. In the event that optimized effectively, they can certainly generate visitors and increase your search engine ranking positions. In simple fact, image optimization is regarded as the search engines ranking issue. At the time of optimizing images, keep the quality of file size as small as you can. Also, make sure you add alt text and include your keyword inside descriptive file name.

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Upwork Overview (Content Writing)

With no existing idea of what kind of occupation I wanted to move into, one day I was called & also recruited by a friend for writing on social networking management. After that I found myself a confident one & thought to become a writer in global world.

I have completed successfully 05 years with professional experience. Now, I know what is exactly necessary to be a good writer and anyone who wants to be a writer, must have to fulfill the below requirements.

1.Obsession for writing content:

  • A content writer must have to know about how to write a Catchy headline.
  • Should be able to get into mind the viewers expectations.
  • A content writer also know about the language skills to write error-free .

2. Knowledge of SEO:

  • Write 100% unique content as search engines haven’t indexed it before.
  • Have to use long-tail as well as head keywords & synonyms.
  • Have familiarity of meta-tags, appropriate title, keywords and description.
  • Apply SEO tools to increase rankings.
  • Excellent knowledge on latest search engine updates.

3. Analytics Knowledge:

  • Reputation & attractiveness of your content.
  • Shared limit of your content.
  • Page views and bounce rate for your content.

So, these were the essentials that you must have to become a successful content writer.

A content writer’s sample Upwork overview is given here for the new who are interested.

I am highly enthusiastic, results-driven, ambitious and self-motivated professional writer. Education, work experience and in-depth study and research in my proven fields combine me to create a passion for quality contents. I have successes in publishing blogger and content writing.

I have 05 years experience in creative writing which makes me capable to provide good content in time with great communication skills and excellent analytical abilities.

My specialization is: all of my contents are 100% unique which checked by copyscape & grammarly.com.

My skills are on:

  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • News Writing
  • Company Profile
  • Newsletter
  • Product Review
  • Product Description
  • Press Release
  • Data Entry


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