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Top Social Media Marketing Ideas

Top Social Media Marketing Ideas: Start online marketing with social media

I’m sharing some social media marketing ideas. It will help to get better way to promote social media campaigns.

Plan: It is very important for making social media marketing plan. Your target audience will interest, if you consider keyword analysis and inspiration content ideas.

Reliable Product Image: Using your product images for social media marketing activities to your business branding. Your product images are showing on different social media platforms. Your business main identity will stay consistent with each platform. It is own unique environment and voice.

Content is King: Content is king when you go to social media experts for marketing. It is consistent with other areas of internet marketing. Ensure your audience will find interesting when you sharing valuable information. Create different of content by developing social media text, images, videos & info graphics.

Blogging: It is a great social media for marketing tool. You can share a lot of information and content with viewers. Your business blog can serve as your social media blog. It has about your update social media campaigns, events, and contests.

Link: Using social media for marketing depends primarily on company sharing its own original, unique article to increase followers, fans and devotees. It is also important to link to external contents as well. Linking to external sources improves reliability and trust.

Monitor Competitors: It is usually essential to monitor competitors. They can provide informative data for keyword analysis, where to get product related links and extra social media marketing insight. If your competitors are using a specific social media marketing strategy that appears to get working for them, perform same thing, but do it better!

Measure Success with Achievement: You can not establish the achievements of your social media techniques without tracking data. Google Analytics can be used as a fantastic social media  for marketing tool that will help you measure your successful social media marketing strategies, and also select which strategies be more effective off abandoned.

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Social media marketing

No doubt that the Social Media Marketing opens the precedent for a new style regarding online marketing trends and businesses need to adapt to this new scenario. You may want to out these amazing websites to get a better idea on digital marketing. The tendency to approach the consumer and create bonds of relationship in modern digital marketing found on social networks the ideal channel for creating these points of contact and this is increasing the number of companies seeking social media to publicize their products and services.

The Social Media Marketing is a new trend that brings with it new challenges to (or intending to) marketing on social networks has a striking difference compared to other forms of online marketing where companies were accustomed to act.

Advertising campaigns on social media follow their own mechanics, a more subtle and structured way in comparison to mechanical checked on sponsored links or SEO. Therefore, it is important that companies be aware of this difference to adapt to this new reality.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

The Social Media Marketing is to be a strategy in which the entrepreneur or company takes advantage of the major social networks as a promotional tool for a brand and the product advertising campaign or services.

Obviously, you can use the Social Media for many other actions, such as creating a customer service channel, for example, but in the case of social media marketing, the primary objective is precise to promote products and services. In Social Media Marketing campaigns, responsible for the development of digital marketing make use of the tools offered by networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and others, always depending on the case, the need for which public reach and what the market segment of the company.

The Social Media Marketing is characterized as a display marketing category, which is necessary for companies to seek to adapt to these conceptual differences to not fall into the trap of transforming their profiles in simple murals promotions, without interactivity and targeted message.

Another feature of Social Media marketing is to include work as a way of relationship marketing that the main objective is to develop in the first place, a point of contact with your potential customers, so that only then after entering in a very subtle way, the advertising message.

Is it worth to invest in Social Media Marketing?

There is no doubt about the fact that be worth making some investment in social media marketing, and it naturally brings positive returns. However, this should not be seen as a single universal tool as many companies have seen this alternative in Brazil.

The Social Media is commonly a communications channel that can be explored and used and therefore should be properly assessed and contextualized in the general overview of digital marketing companies strategy. The great advantage of this option for disclosure of businesses on the Internet is that it gives us a chance to approach the target audience, more personal, targeted and segmented way.

Through Social media marketing, it is possible to contact more efficiently its consumers as well as understand their needs and concerns more directly, which facilitates not only the creation of more efficient strategies for brand awareness, as well as greater property on the audience you want to conquer.

Using strategies for Social Media marketing requires a period of maturation and thus is considered a medium and long-term action so that relationships are not created overnight. Therefore, it is important to have a detailed plan of the strategy to be adopted and be prepared for hard work, for the production of relevant content, and interaction is fundamental questions in this area.

Other factors that should be analyzed is also the loyalty ability that Social media marketing strategy provides, as these contacts create bonds of relationship that make marketing return on social networks one that stands out in a digital marketing strategy.

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Social media strategy

The Social Media Strategy can significantly increases the brand value of your company in a different and innovative channel that are social networks. Also known as Social Media Advertisement (involving social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.), allows you to explore the environment for sharing information and opinions about personal experiences; with friends and acquaintances; modern; Other cultures; entities and companies, with brands and products.

Advantages and Benefits Social Media strategy

Head technician of Computer Repairs Logan explains to us that among the many advantages and benefits Social Media strategy to advertise through advertising campaigns Social media your business can:

– Take advantage of the most relaxed atmosphere of Facebook users;

– Take advantages of informative inherent to Twitter;

– Use YouTube to introduce the viral marketing in your marketing plans;

– Communicate to users with standard links to specific and specialized professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Use the social media strategy to advertise on the internet is to expand the horizons of your marketing strategy. It is to promote interaction and socialization with an audience that is interested in sharing and commenting on their products: customers, potential customers, fanatics of your brand, or mere individuals interested in your product.


Currently, Instagram is worth about $ 1 billion and is seen as the Social Media fastest growing in 2013. The company already has 35 million registered accounts, which circulate 5 million photos per day and 81 comments per second. They are overwhelming numbers and worthy of admiration when we refer to popularity.


Youtube is the third most visited site in the world with about 70% of all online computers accessing and 3 billion video views per day. There is no denying that Youtube is a very reliable company and fell in love of Internet users, who send 48 hours of video every minute, 10% in high quality. Youtube has servers in 25 countries and is running in 43 languages.


LinkedIn is a social media which has about 79% of users aged 35 and over, puts “face to face” people with professional and organizational objectives. It is with expansion plans for China, the largest Internet market by some users, while recognizing that you have to police individual publications, according to the reproaches made by the country.


The WhatsApp was founded in 2009 in the United States and today has 450 million monthly users, where about 70% are active users daily, where the company that Social Media promises to increase the range of instant communication with plans to integrate call voice. It becomes an attractive and smart proposal considering that about 44% of people using smartphones have the application installed.


Twitter is considered by many a micro-blog and has 232 million users and is a Social Media used to report news and events by 58% of users and 51% to find topics of interest. These figures result in 500 million tweets per day, making 100 million people back to the microblogging all day. A remarkable network step was on October 3, 2013 when officially handed over the documents to make its initial public offering raise 1 billion dollars on the New York Stock Exchange.


The mighty Google also enters this Social Media world with Google+ (Google Plus), with an interface of an enormous simplicity of use, an incredible integration between enterprise applications and the practical way of relating between users with the application instant messaging that is the Hangout.

Google + also offers a range of features for photo editing and allows you to create animated GIFs. This range of features, entertainment and sharing ideas and edited photos resulted in more than 500 million accounts on Google+.


All these groups represent the Social media and prove that the uncontrollable growth of social networks on the Internet becomes an ally increasingly to various market segments due to communication facilities and information exchange with messages, photos and videos. Using tools and methods to facilitate their social media strategy can make a real difference to give prominence to your company and put it in front of the other competitors.

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Social Networking

There are many reasons why social networking is becoming increasingly popular, partly because of the increased possibilities implied by advances in telecommunication technology and diversity in communication equipment.

Diversity in Communication Equipment

In 2013, it was reported that tablet sales around the globe were likely to surpass PC sales. In the later quarters of the same year this telling statement became a reality as the sale of these hand held devices was significantly in excess of PC sales as reported in sales data that year. These reports that were widespread in early 2013 were based on the steadily increasing shipments of tablets around the world and gradual decline of both PC and laptop sales the same year.

Social NetworkingIt was during the same year that IBM sold out its PC sales and manufacturing operations to Lenovo and started investing heavily in the Windows 8 operating system specifically designed for touch screen devices. The primary reason for the dip in sales however was due to the increased processing power and capability of these handheld devices and the cost reductions they brought to doing work. The introduction of these devices almost in single sweep eliminated the need to invest in a laptop to send an email or images from sites away from the office. A the same time these devices brought significant numbers and capability into the social media arena with so much more in terms of ability to post content from remote locations.

While the above trend in relation to tablets clearly played a role in the increased popularity of social media, the same was reported in relation mobile phone technology in 2013. In the same year, the number of active mobile phones across the globe surpassed the number of people. In 2013, it was reported that just over 90% of all the people on earth had a mobile phone and of this huge number 56% owned a smart phone. In addition to that 50% of mobile phone users used their devices as their primary mode to connect to the internet. Other statistics on mobile phones indicate that 50% of the smart phone users primarily used these devices to make use of various apps. Today there are more smart phones than regular mobile phones and the majority of these serve to connect the users via apps including social media apps.

All the above made possible by innovation and improvements in telecommunication devices and capability. Distributed antenna system companies – advanced telecom systems help to boost cellular coverage over large areas. Lest we forget it is around this period that various mobile carriers improved their mobile networks to support 2G, 3G and 4G technology. All these improvements came with huge increments in bandwidth and what could be performed on an existing network. To illustrate the potential of these networks, consider that 2G networks that now exist almost everywhere support download speeds of up to 256Kbps. In practice this means a 20Mb video would take about 10minutes to download. This could be a 10-minute video summary of the day’s activity at a construction site halfway around the world.