Marketing your SEO services in 2017

SEO services were probably the most lucrative means of earning several years ago. This was in a period when Search Engine ranking was governed by relatively lax policies. Many people made a ton of money using SEO Advantage techniques. It was possible to push the rank of a website using strategies such as keyword stuffing on dummy websites.

Today the ranking algorithms are very different and it is not quite as easy to improve page ranks – at least not that fast. For this reason marketing SEO services is quite challenging – here are some tips for fellow SEO types.

# Blogging

SEO service provider’s today blog just to market their SEO services. Many of these websites share, discuss and argue about strategy just to become visible.

Personally, I believe this is an excellent method to market SEO niche edits services – it’s affordable and shows you are constantly improving. Quality blogs draw plenty of attention and get shared, tweeted about and widely circulated.

# Working with Large Freelance Corporations

Freelancing is picking up and the market is far from saturated.

On freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, you will find you can sell written content at very competitive prices. Writing high quality content on these platforms is one sure way of marketing your SEO services especially content creation skills and can put you in direct competition with SEO in Singapore and beyond. Freelancing in this way can really open up many doors as you build your personal reputation.

In addition to the money you can make writing and selling articles, you get to create a profile that you can use to showcase your services and samples.

# Professional Social Media – LinkedIn

Social media serves a variety of purposes today one of which is bringing professionals together.

Like Facebook and other casual social media websites, LinkedIn allows registered users to form groups and post articles discussing collective issues. According to experts at one of the experienced online marketing agency in Singapore, joining and contributing to these groups is one of the best ways you can market your SEO services.

The best part is LinkedIn moderates the interaction in such a fashion that you can be sure you will be sharing with peers only. The quality of interaction alone is sure way to find clients if your work is outstanding.

# Registering for Competitions

Some web sites use frequent competitions to help freelancers stand out.

Registering on platforms such as will put you dead on the track for weekly, monthly and seasonal competitions. In some cases you will need to form groups and in other you get to go it alone. Either way you get to market your SEO services in a simple way.

Competitions are especially good given that they often come with financial rewards and badges, all of which say something about the person behind the picture.

These are just some of the options you have to market your SEO services. You can also use the traditional social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter; though you will need to know how to tweak the privacy and security to keep your account from prying hands. You could even borrow ideas about competitions and run campaigns of your own.

Why does Link Building matter for SEO?

Regardless of the purpose of your website, improving Search Engine ranking should be one of your main priorities. The reason being, majority of people today find information on products and services using popular search engines such as Google, BING, Yahoo, etc. Your website rank on Search Engine result Pages (SERP) is directly influenced by the number of back links from external sites.

However for improved ranking the process you should note that the process is not quite as simple as the number of back links. For this reason you should always consult the best SEO company Perth for quality link building and consistent improvement and ranking. Poor quality links from sites that do not comply with the Search Engine guidelines often negatively affect ranking and could ultimately lead to penalties or worse.

Link Building

Building quality inbound links involves acquiring hyperlinks from external sites that point back to your website. In practice this is quite a complex process that includes making maximum use of web related resources such as social media, blogs, forums and much more. Often to acquire high quality back links you will have to redesign your content to match the requirements of the external websites. For example, to acquire quality back links from Twitter you will have to create useful and exciting posts; Twitter allows subscribers to make short posts of about 140 characters. Twitter will only be suitable if the posts can remain catchy (albeit short) and you have graphics or links to content that is useful.

What defines a quality link?

There are several factors that appear to help Search Engines identify quality links. For an effective link building campaign you want to consider the following:

  • Local – Topic Popularity

This is one of the main pointers that SEO practitioners use to identify quality links. This implies that the larger the number of inbound links from a topic specific community the better the quality of the links. In simple terms we can assume that if you offer consultancy services, you want to aim at getting more links from websites within that niche rather than social media websites.

  • Global popularity

It goes without saying that Wikipedia is popular. Therefore you can use that framework for your link building activity. You want many diverse links leading back to your website. This should include links from reputable websites, individuals, forums, reputable blogs, etc.

  • Anchor text

These include in text hyperlinks from external web pages. The more of these you acquire from reputable websites the more popular your site becomes. This also implies that for quality links you need to form partnerships with external websites.

  • Trusted Websites

It is always useful to check the trust ranking of any website you are seeking before seeking back links. You can use software to confirm the web site trust ranking; the higher that ranking the better for your website.

  • Validity

Links often change as websites continue to improve the content and site mapping changes. To maintain your ranking you can use software periodically to confirm the validity of links as broken links adversely affect page rank.

  • Avoid acquiring links from websites that have a lot of spam. It is always wise to be careful the websites you use to increase the number of back links.

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Identifying the most Comprehensive SEO Service

Most Comprehensive SEO Service

Marketing is very complex especially in this digital era. SEO is an intense marketing activity undertaken to improve visibility on SERP’s (Search Engine Result pages). There are various means of accomplishing this and SEO focuses on organic (non-paid) techniques to achieve the desired result. SEO Service generally includes both technical and creative aspects all aimed at improving positioning, increase awareness and drive traffic towards the website.

“Non technical” SEO involves identifying useful content and building back links using this content. The technical side that could involve plug in’s such as Yoast. Often these software add-on’s will prepare information the search engine requires from your website. This includes aspects such as indexing information, page order, link status, etc. With all this in mind it is important especially for small business to identify affordable SEO services to back their long term strategy.

What is their Optimization Strategy?

SEO service providers offer their services and pricing based on the strategy they use. Some will focus strictly on keywords and content making them offer slightly cheaper services. On the other hand some companies offer more comprehensive packages that include social media, on site configuration and software and much more. While the cheaper service provider will often be appealing depending on your niche you may require more comprehensive packages. It is always best to discuss long term goals with your provider before making the choice.

For instance, if your website is selling audio appliances it can be assumed that a large percentage of your clients are teens. This age group is likely to spend a lot of time on social media. Likewise if your website offers technical or consultancy services then articles and professional social media sites such as LinkedIn should become a priority.

In relation to the above thoughts it is important to note that result pages are influenced by keywords. Again depending on the genre common keywords may not be enough to get the desired ranking. In such cases you may have to take an in depth look to include the correct keywords. The SEO service provider will be helpful in finding the correct long or short tail keywords for your business. Some keywords are less competitive and will create a small window of opportunity for your marketing activity.

Working Alone

While online business is rapidly increasing many people are still struggling given web design is very advanced even with many DIY web creation programs. With some experience on web creation software, an interest or just passion to learn you could consider working on SEO privately.

If you are considering working privately one of the main considerations you need to keep in mind keyword identification. There are several good websites that crawl major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo and provide categorized keywords and usage statistics. Begin here. Identify those that are used the least and most suitable for your needs. There are several good guides in websites, audio, video and document form that can be very useful to your SEO work.

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SEO Services Pricing

If you are in business you will agree that one of the most difficult issues is pricing. Figuring out how to charge and remain competitive can be quite a hassle; the thought alone often has us wishing we were in the business of selling caviar or lobsters. Either way it has to be done.

For instance think of auto detailing; you could simply wash the exterior or do the interior and exterior or even have an automated drive through. The charges for each vary and even in each category the type of machine and people working with the machines make a world of difference.

SEO Services Pricing: How we do it

Our company works keeping in mind that many in online commerce are individuals or small companies. For this reason our pricing is staggered based on what we believe is essential and as such makes it affordable for everyone. In some cases you will while beating the bushes find SEO companies that charge thousands of dollars.

We are not going to say that is wrong, as a matter of fact we work with larger clients who pay us the same. Our SEO Services pricing strategy works such that you get what you pay for; this does not mean we toss a bundle of products in bag in your face and slam the door. Rather we determine what will work best for you within your budget so that we can offer you a band aid when you need it and the complete overhaul if you can afford one.

It is important at this point to mention that regardless of where you fit in with this SEO Services pricing strategy we will deliver the service along with realistic deliverables. We have been in the SEO business for a long time and have clients from all walks including hospitality, entertainment, service delivery, consultancy, retail, suppliers, etc. For this reason we can confidently inform you that when you pay $X for a service you can expect results that include this, this and the other.

We realize that many people especially the small business people are often duped or offered very little simply because they cannot afford the whole package. We work with each and every client on a personal level and ensure that you get what you pay for and you UNDERSTAND what you are paying for.

In experience we have seen this helps the business continue with the necessary SEO activities over time. More often than not this ensures our clients gradually become more informed about SEO and how it affects their business and embrace its relevance. This is in line with our business vision that seeks to open a door of opportunity for you in global business; your success is our success. For this reason we strive to offer competitive SEO Services pricing and top of the range service delivery.

What we include in SEO Services Pricing

In our pricing strategy we charge clients for content writing, back link building, copywriting, local SEO services and social media posting services. However, as mentioned we do a lot of work to ensure that all services offered will deliver specified results. For this reason we can spend a number of hours or days’ tweaking the website to ensure the client attains the target where visits are concerned; this is a service offered free.

In addition to this we often undertake web design and responsive web design; in the process there is a lot of on-site SEO that includes creation of tags, Meta tags, image tags and much more. This is also done free of charge given its importance in relation to search engine crawlers. This is not mentioning quite a lot of graphic design consideration that goes into building appealing websites and graphics for all our clients.

In all our service delivery we borrow a lot from our past clients and jobs and take great pride in working to guide your business to success in online commerce. You are welcome to contact us today and discover how to begin taking steps to your financial success in online commerce.

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SEO Services San Jose

Regardless of where you are in the world the main reason you need SEO services is to improve website visibility. You want visitors and people searching on the internet to find your website fast and identify with it for the services you offer; for business in San Jose the SEO Services you should employ should work toward ensuring clients are inclined to think about your company each time they think of those services.

Internet Marketing and Copywriting

While content creation is essential to getting people interested and of course avoiding penalties one thing you definitely want to keep in mind is your marketing strategy. Many times people doing business online assume that design and proper content is all it takes. That is a wrong perception and is among the reasons your business may be hurting.

Marketing professionals will tell you that relationships in business are very much like those we have and cherish within the home. They require attention and nurturing to bear fruit and grow. For this reason in addition to SEO Services in San Jose we offer lead generation services in our internet marketing package. There is a lot of jargon online and what we mean by this is that we will work through your past and present requirements and help create the type of newsletters and mailing material to keep your clients and suppliers interested.

While content writing is useful it should be backed with useful copywriting. Are your emails to your clients and suppliers boring? You need to have engaging and content packed communication that will translate into business and meaningful banter between you and the customers for return business. Contact us or send us an email for information on SEO Services San Jose and copywriting services.

Is Content King?

For many SEO professionals, ourselves included the shift to Panda and Penguin was a little distressing. However, we will admit that since content is king and as such you need to improve the quality of your content for better SERP.

To improve the quality of content requires and frequent analysis of happenings within the industry; our SEO Services  San Jose will ensure your website is up to date with products/services and the most current technologies, trends or information associated with your industry.

In addition to this our company will craft suitable content and post it in places that will ensure you can begin attracting the kind of quality interaction that is good for business. As you may know it is this kind of interaction that has brought websites such as the American airlines; we will work to help bring you customers who enjoy and share stories about the services received or other experiences that will ultimately bring your business into the conversation.

For that kind of phenomenal change you will need to refine your business processes and ensure that SEO Services  San Jose offering is truly unique; that’s what we are here for!!!

Local SEO

Local SEO – Why should you use it?

If you have a local business, you need a relevant geographic-to bring more traffic to your site by specifying and increasing the ranking to launch your business in local search. Local SEO can fit perfectly on your company needs.

With the ease of being connected anytime and anywhere, local search has become increasingly common and important. Users in computers, mobile phones, tablets are all the time performing local searches. If your company or client has a store or physical service and you want to make the most of it, you sure need to work your website with local SEO.

What Types of Businesses Need Local SEO?

Specialists at the digital marketing agency in the UK say, that Local SEO for local search is working the same way as the traditional, but we need to focus on specific points. Any company that receives the customers or all customers locally should consider working your site. It applies to a restaurant, a doctor’s office or a clothing store, for example.

Why Do Local SEO?

1 – Most people who are conducting a local search, are really interested in that subject;

2 – Local SEO has a high lead conversion rate, much higher than a broad search;

3 – The number online research using terms related to location is steadily increasing every year;

4 –  More and more people use the Internet for mobile devices and large part of these times, these users are searching for information on specific locations in your area;

5 – Local SEO is  the greatest opportunity for small businesses excel.

Critical Points in Local SEO

1 -Use of keywords and Specific Optimization to Local SEO.

Selecting the right keywords is the main point in the process of optimizing your website for local SEO. Each company needs to identify and choose the words that will give the user the information they seek. These keywords are likely to come together with the city and state, thus helping to identify the location that is being worked on. For example, a medical clinic in the Providence works with the words: “Providence medical clinic”, “clinical Providence of doctors,” among others. A hotel in Springfield, Ohio would work with the words: “Hotel Springfield”, “Hotel Springfield Ohio”, among others.

After these chosen words, they should be used naturally in top locations of the site, such as:

  • Tag title (main place to add information city / state). Many small businesses jump in local rankings thanks to this information.,
  • Page title (use city name or state in the page h1 may not be a good idea, but it can be used in other titles like h2 or h3)
  • URL (Obviously this can not happen on the homepage, but other pages with this information can mean a powerful signal to relevance)
  • Website content (Include local data in the texts and descriptions of the site is of great importance)
  • Alt tags (Many local business sites add local data as city and state in the alt text of your images. It is another way to increase the position to place ranking),
  • Meta-description ( the use of local data in the meta description increases click through rate on a local search).

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization has for long been a major cause of concern for many businesses online. This activity is important given that it works to improve the position of a website in st petersburg search engine optimization results giving the website greater prominence as it ranks closer to the front of the results.

Search Engine Optimization  Factors

It would be good to begin by mentioning that there is no set of SEO activities that will improve rankings on its own. At freelancing solution we have plenty of experience with SEO and will help you identify a set of activities, order of activities and measurable estimates of improvements you should expect. It is for this reason that we continue to increase in popularity as an authority on Search Engine Optimization.

On-Page SEO

SEO begins right on your website and is constantly reviewed by spiders, short programs sent to crawl through your website by the search engine. The crawlers send information back to the search engine about the website and its level of readiness.

For this reason, you want to be sure that your website images and content are Search Engine Optimization ready. Images should include appropriate tags that when found on Google will redirect to your website. The content should also be natural and include the correct keyword density, useful tags and keywords in strategic positions such as headings, links and HTML. Based on this you should strive to cover all these bases each web page as the ranking is unlikely to improve if only the HTML tags are appropriately designed.

Off-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization also includes quite a bit of work off the website. At freelancing solutions we have the right information from our many clients to identify the best websites and activity that will improve and sustain your website ranking.

While many are aware of the relevance of social media, it can be difficult to create the right content and determine frequency of posting to deliver the desired results. In keeping with these thoughts our company will identify the right social media platforms and craft content suitable for your business.

Avoiding Penalties in SEO

For a number of years many businesses suffered from loopholes inherent in search engine optimization algorithms. It is this position that saw Google make significant changes to the algorithm with the release and implementation of Panda and Penguin updates.

Among the many changes introduced included mechanisms that will use keyword density and readability to determine spammed content. It does not end there; many companies have borne the brunt of heavy fines and penalties that include removal from the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

You can only imagine how devastating it can be to your business to receive such an email; the reality equals lost business and money spent to make the necessary changes. At freelancing solutions you can rest assured all our activities will ensure your rankings improve and your doors remain open.

We also have plenty of information on the website here concerning different strategies with accurate weighted estimates for each activity that will help you decide on a path to follow regardless of the amount of money for search engine optimization you can raise at any given time.


The article describes various aspects important to a successful SEO campaign. It discusses on and off page SEO activity and how to avoid penalties.

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SEO Company

It is just a matter of time before virtually everybody is searching for products and services online. According to several analysts Google is the leading service provider for search engine services and caters for almost 90%of the market around the globe; mobile based searches being the most common and are expected to continue increasing in the near future. Some of the popular searches that suggest the increasing need for SEO company include searches for travel locations, options, and relevant information for many people travelling all over the world.

While some may still argue that hiring your SEO Company is not a fundamental expense it is important to keep in mind that results from searches are among the key elements behind phenomenal apps like Uber. For this reason you want to have your business receive quality optimization services and pay close attention to trends as you move forward.

Selecting the best SEO Company for optimization services

While there are many companies offering these important services you want to select the best; often quite a daunting task in itself. Here are some tips:

How long have they been in business?

While you will not be short of options when seeking an SEO company to provide services; not forgetting that SEO services are a science that can be studied and perfected; you want to select and work with a partner that has been practicing for at least three years. The reason being you want to be sure the SEO services firm has a reputation to protect and references where necessary. This will guarantee that you avoid unnecessary fines and penalties and can get realistic estimates on what to expect.

Do they understand the Market?

Also without any regard to the SEO company strategy you should be sure the partner you select can provide you some information that indicates an in depth understanding of the market. Recent data suggests that mobile users have surpassed the 50% margin for electronic product queries. While most users appear to still prefer making purchases from PC, more and more do shopping using mobile devices.

You therefore want to make sure the SEO Company you hire takes these thoughts into consideration and develops the best SEO strategy for your product and business niche.

Pricing and Additional Services

As with all expenses price is major determinant. As far as hiring SEO companies is concerned you want to be sure you are paying for quality and not simply for the service. For a novice this can be difficult to determine. This is especially why you need a proven track record backed with testimonials.

In addition to the above, a good SEO Company will provide you plenty of tips and relevant tools to help you keep abreast with how your website is performing in relation search engine requirements. While you are seeking partner you want to work with business partners that are willing to provide some training on how to monitor your website and maintain reasonable Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.


This article provides a brief introduction highlighting trends in online commerce. With this information on trend sit goes a step further and provides suggestions to use when seeking reliable SEO Company.

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SEO Services 2016

SEO services are important; this will be easily revealed by simply browsing through the number of orders for these services. However, SEO is a wide field and identifying the most essential services is important especially if you are working on a budget.

Keyword Selection and Optimization

Though the central position given to keywords in prior search algorithms has changed, keywords are still a very integral component in search engine algorithms. For this reason, you want to include keyword selection and integration as one of the SEO services essential to improving your position on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

Short and long tail keywords are used in this approach and having tools that can identify popular keywords to use when creating content and tags is one sure way to improving your visibility online. Availability of keywords varies from one niche to the next and it is for this reason that you should consider using either long tail or short keywords. Where the short keywords appear very widely used consider seeking long tail keywords in your content. There are many tools that will show you often used keywords relevant to your niche.

On and Off-Page SEO

Given that keywords are important to your visibility to search engines, on and Off-page optimization is another essential thing to consider when seeking SEO services on a budget. On page SEO involves optimizing content to contain the correct or acceptable keyword density, optimizing images, headings tags and HTML with selected keywords.

In like fashion it is important that while creating useful back links from authoritative websites you should consider using the selected keywords and pay close attention to approved keyword density.

Local SEO Services

As you continue picking the absolute must have’s in SEO for 2016 you should consider local SEO Services. Following Google’s updated search algorithms the listing of business on local directories such as yellow pages and local Google maps was deemed essential to improving overall page rank.

You want to have your business listed on all the authoritative local directories and included in any maps of your locality. This will ensure each time people make a search for your services; the search engine will deliver localized results that significantly improve your business visibility.

Responsive Design and Navigation

In addition to the above you want to ensure responsive design considerations are also among the most essential SEO services you will undertake in 2016. Already over 50% of queries on products and services are from smart phone sand tablets. You website needs to be adjusted to ensure these visitors can enjoy fast loading and easy navigation.

Still on navigation, Google’s current algorithm checks both on and off site navigation. In 2016 you want to make sure all links connecting to pages on and off site are fully functional. You can use tools for this and create a schedule especially when you have back links from sites such as blogs where the admin can delete pages without warning.


This is an article that briefly highlights the most important SEO services for you in 2016. The article was written with budget clients or budding online business in mind; while the information is not conclusive it highlights some of the most essential SEO services to give thought in 2016.

Why work with Freelancing solution?

We will provide all the above and much more!!!

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Off Page Optimization Techniques

What is Off Page Optimization?

Off page optimization is the most vital part in SEO. Because it provides hyperlinks to your websites. It also needs a lot of work with regular bases. It can help to optimize website overall performance in search engine for targeted keywords. Off-page SEO Services are the great technique to get more website visitors.

Becoming an SEO Specialist, I hereby recommend some the factors that manage off page optimization.

1). Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are a network to create social community or social relations. It helps users to express ideas, photos, posts, activities, functions, and interests with others within their network.

Top social networking sites are including Face-book, Twitter, Google-Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest etc

2). Blogging

Blogging is a great off page optimization technique. It develops your online company website. The company for blogging needs to write lots of unique informative articles. It is also possible to develop your website blog by posting comments in other relevant blogs. It allow links on the comments section. Related blog comments are indexed by the search engines.

3). Forum Postings

Sign-up a forum and start discuss or share relevant topics with other people. It is also possible to post or reply to thread in other service relevant pre-existing forums that allow signature. It can be indexed by the search engines.

4). Search Engine Submission

You can submit your site to the most common search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Altavista, Lycos, Alltheweb, Excite, etc., to get listed for free.

5). Directory Submission

Lots of people may think that directory submission is expired. So I am anxious it is still now alive. It is depending on how efficiently we are choosing those directories and categories for directory submission. Definitely, I agree so it provides slightly delayed result. It can be worth performing it. You can submit your sites to the top quality directories like DMOZ, Yahoo Directory, ZoomInfo, One Mission, Pegasus, etc.

6). Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is a different great off page optimization technique. It develops your company website. Nowadays many people are spamming social bookmarking sites not understanding how to use them. Because articles within these sites update usually, search engines such as types of websites and frequently visit them. You can do few popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Propeller, etc. You need to be very careful though doing social bookmarking and appropriately take the tags. Tags are very important to broadcast your news on the wide area community. It may increase your site visitors based on how efficiently you have taken part.

6). Link Exchange

Exchange links is also called Thematic Link Exchange. Exchange links with service relevant web sites. It can help improve your link popularity. It is a most important factor of Google Page Rank algorithm. Do not use Black Hats when doing exchanges.

7). Link Baiting

Link Baiting is another off page optimization technique. It improves your link popularity. You have copied and published another website’s event, articles, news etc in your site. Make sure you place their web site link as a reference. When your articles are trustworthy, let others practice it for you.

8). Cross-Linking

Cross-Linking is also called Internal Linking. Hyperlink to internal website pages within your website when essential. This improves your website internal link popularity. It is another most important factor of Google Page Rank algorithm. Also try to make your articles link from sites that are relevant to your site theme. The best well-known example of effective internal linking is Wikipedia.

9). Photo Sharing

Share photo in website and make it public. Allow your friends view them and comment on them as well. It will help get targeted traffic to your site. Top photo sharing sites such as Flickr, Picli, Picasa, Photo Bucket etc.

10). Video Promotions

It is also called photo sharing. You are able to share your products or services videos, experiences, and reviews of your product or service and make it public in YouTube, Dailymotion , Metacafe etc.

11). Business Reviews

Submit reviews about other types businesses or talk to your friends or clients to write a review of your business. Top business review websites like RateitAll, Kaboodle, Shvoong, Stylefeeder, etc.

12). Local Listings

Your website is making local so that search engines can easily view your website and fetch the content. It can help you to get targeted visitors. You can submit your website to Google Maps, Google Local, Yahoo-Local, Yellow-Pages, Super-pages, Hotfrog etc.

13). Article Submission

Write down articles of your own and publish them to common article sites like E-zine, Go-articles, Now-public, Buzzle etc. This can help you to get a links for the web site

14). Press Release Promotion

As a service provider go for PR submission in common PR sites like 1888pressrelease, PR Leap, Open PR etc. This can help you to publish your website in the search engines.

15). Classifieds Submission

You can do classifieds submissions to promote your services or products for free. Major Classifieds sites like Craigslist, Backpage, Kugli, Myspace, iMadespace, Vivastreet, etc.

16). Social Shopping Network

If you have an e-commerce website. This is a great technique for advertising and easily branding your products for free. Your products submit to Google Product Search, Yahoo and MSN On-line Shopping. It also submits main social shopping related websites like Kaboodle, Style-feeder, Wists, Five-limes, Buzz -shout, Ohmybuzz etc.

17). Document Sharing

Your website documents share like business reports, information leaflets, and slides in Google Docs, Slide Share, etc. It can help you brand your site.

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