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Local SEO

Local SEO – Why should you use it?

If you have a local business, you need a relevant geographic-to bring more traffic to your site by specifying and increasing the ranking to launch your business in local search. Local SEO can fit perfectly on your company needs.

With the ease of being connected anytime and anywhere, local search has become increasingly common and important. Users in computers, mobile phones, tablets are all the time performing local searches. If your company or client has a store or physical service and you want to make the most of it, you sure need to work your website with local SEO.

What Types of Businesses Need Local SEO?

Specialists at the digital marketing agency in the UK say, that Local SEO for local search is working the same way as the traditional, but we need to focus on specific points. Any company that receives the customers or all customers locally should consider working your site. It applies to a restaurant, a doctor’s office or a clothing store, for example.

Why Do Local SEO?

1 – Most people who are conducting a local search, are really interested in that subject;

2 – Local SEO has a high lead conversion rate, much higher than a broad search;

3 – The number online research using terms related to location is steadily increasing every year;

4 –  More and more people use the Internet for mobile devices and large part of these times, these users are searching for information on specific locations in your area;

5 – Local SEO is  the greatest opportunity for small businesses excel.

Critical Points in Local SEO

1 -Use of keywords and Specific Optimization to Local SEO.

Selecting the right keywords is the main point in the process of optimizing your website for local SEO. Each company needs to identify and choose the words that will give the user the information they seek. These keywords are likely to come together with the city and state, thus helping to identify the location that is being worked on. For example, a medical clinic in the Providence works with the words: “Providence medical clinic”, “clinical Providence of doctors,” among others. A hotel in Springfield, Ohio would work with the words: “Hotel Springfield”, “Hotel Springfield Ohio”, among others.

After these chosen words, they should be used naturally in top locations of the site, such as:

  • Tag title (main place to add information city / state). Many small businesses jump in local rankings thanks to this information.,
  • Page title (use city name or state in the page h1 may not be a good idea, but it can be used in other titles like h2 or h3)
  • URL (Obviously this can not happen on the homepage, but other pages with this information can mean a powerful signal to relevance)
  • Website content (Include local data in the texts and descriptions of the site is of great importance)
  • Alt tags (Many local business sites add local data as city and state in the alt text of your images. It is another way to increase the position to place ranking),
  • Meta-description ( the use of local data in the meta description increases click through rate on a local search).

How to do Local Citations

Local Citations are defined as mentions of your particular business name along with address and phone number on various other webpages —even when there is no link aimed at your site. An example of a citation might be an online business directory such as Yell, Yellowpages or Switchboard etc. where your company is listed explicitly by means of name.

Importance of Local Citations

Citations are a key factor of the ranking algorithms such as in Google, Bing and also Yahoo. Other factors are being equal; businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than the businesses with fewer citations. Your speech about your business is definitely true but it would be trustworthy when search engines can recognize the existence of your business from multiple sources.

Steps for Local Citations

Here FreelancingSolution is instructing you the easiest way for Local Citations along with few easy steps.

Step 01

Here in this step you have to sign up in business directory site such as in YellowYellow.

Local Citations Step 1 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 02

Verify your account for the next step. To submit your site, here need to click on “Submit Listing”.

Local Citations Step 2 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 03

At this stage, you have to fill up a form step by step where you have to give your business name, Address, Phone No, Web Address etc.

 Local Citations Step 3 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 04

Here you have to select your business category & tags and also need to write the motto of your business.

Local Citations Step 4 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 05

Here you can add your or you’re your business logo.

 Local Citations Step 5 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 06

Here you may submit the listing of your business social networking.

 Local Citations Step 6 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 07

When you have completed all those steps rightly, it’s near about ready for your final listing.

 Local Citations Step 7 FreelancingSolution.com

Step 08

Wow! It’s a final step for your Local citations.

Local Citations Step 8 FreelancingSolution.com

Feel free, just contact with us if you have any complexity to complete this task.

Local Citations for Business Impact

What is Local Citation?

Local Citation is simply where your company or business is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet and it is really an important factor for your business and this could be in various forms:

  • Company Name, by itself.
  • Company name & phone number.
  • Company name, address, & phone number,  .
  • Company name, address, phone number, & link.
  • etc.

Freelancing Solution is one of the renowned growing Internet Marketing Service providers offering the Local Citations Service. Basically, it is seen in most of the sites the partial citation and a partial citation is one which consists of the part of your NAP – maybe your “name and phone number” or “name and address”. Actually, this is better than nothing, but not as advantageous as a full citation because a full citation is one which bears your business’s entire NAP. A complete citation should always include with the company name, address and phone number.

Different kinds of local citations

There are two types of citations. One is called structured and another is unstructured. Both of these are important for your business. Structured citations are what you’ll find in your typical local online directories. For example, with sites like yellowpages.com, yelp.com, superpages.com, freeindex, tripadvisor, foursquare, touchlocal and many more where it’s possible to enter your business name, address, phone number, website and other details if you choose to (which you should).There are lots of local directory and information sites that will allow you to build structured citations. But you have a little less control over your unstructured citations, which may come from newspaper articles, blog posts, job websites, government sites and online magazine articles.

The key benefits of local citations:

Actually there are a number of key benefits to judge when it comes to local citations. This includes:

  • Playing an important part in ranking algorithms on major search engines: Local citations play a vital role when it comes to the ranking algorithms on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The search engines like to have lots of information about your business that it can refer to. The more indication that it can find, the more credibility it gives to all that information and the most important matter is to make sure that all of your business data is dependable right across to the internet. They could help your business rank higher than those with fewer citations.
  • Instilling confidence in consumers: Google or other search engines use citations to verify the exactness of the contact information in their local business listings too, as listing addresses or phone numbers which are out of date, incorrect or untrustworthy, looks dreadful on them and causes people to question the consistency of their search results. If accurately the same NAP will be listed on more than fifty different websites, it’s surely to be 100% correct information, and definitely Google can be more confident in showing that NAP to the searchers. And if your business is also mentioned on a variety of other sites, particularly authority sites, consumers will be more confident about using you to purchase goods or services. This is because local citations give your business more credibility and reduce the risk of your company being some sham fly by night business.
  • Making it easier to locate your business details: Another benefit you have to consider when it comes to local citations is how these can make it easier for people to locate your business contact details. This in turn means that you could benefit from more business, as your company details will be more visible and easier for people to find.

Local Citation sites

High PR Local Citation Sites List

Citation means to mention of your business name and address on another web pages; even if there is no linkage with your website. Such as, citation could be an online yellow pages directory where your business is listed excluding any link.

Definitely Citations are the key component of the ranking algorithms in Google or other search engines. So, Citations from well-established and well-indexed portals help to increase the degree of certainty in the search engines where your business’s contact information and categorization are indexed. And for this, high PR local citations directory list is more important; Freelancing Solution is offering a high PR local citation list to think about the freelancers’ necessity. Our main business is Internet Marketing and from here you also choose our services those are SEO service, Content Writing Service, Web 2.0 Properties Service, Social Bookmarking Service etc.

Our next article is on “How to do Local Citation” & that will coming soon; till that stay close

Serial No Local Citation Sites Page Rank
1 http://www.merchantcircle.com/ 8
2 http://www.mapquest.com/ 8
3 http://www.yelp.com/ 7
4 http://www.yellowpages.com/ 7
5 http://www.yellowbook.com/ 7
6 http://www.whitepages.com/ 7
7 http://www.switchboard.com/ 7
8 http://www.staradvertiser.com/ 7
9 http://www.showmelocal.com/ 7
10 http://www.post-gazette.com/ 7
11 http://www.dexknows.com/ 7
12 http://www.citysearch.com/world 7
13 http://www.bbb.org/ 7
14 http://www.answers.com/ 7
15 http://www.yellowpagecity.com/ 6
16 http://www.yellowbot.com/ 6
17 http://www.angieslist.com/ 6
18 http://www.allpages.com/ 6
19 http://www.manta.com/ 6
20 http://www.ocregister.com/ 6
21 http://www.local.com/ 6
22 http://www.kudzu.com/ 6
23 http://www.insiderpages.com/ 6
24 http://www.ibegin.com/ 6
25 http://www.cylex-usa.com/ 6
26 http://www.gatehousemedia.com/ 6
27 http://www.salespider.com/ 5
28 http://www.powerprofiles.com/ 5
29 http://www.mojopages.com/ 5
30 http://www.magicyellow.com/ 5
31 http://www.magicyellow.com 5
32 http://www.hotfrog.com/ 5
33 http://www.corporationwiki.com/ 5
34 http://www.b2byellowpages.com/ 5
35 http://www.classifiedads.com 4
36 http://citysquares.com/ 4
37 http://www.lookooh.com/ 4
38 https://www.fixr.com/ 4
39 http://www.professionalontheweb.com 4
40 http://www.yelloyello.com 3
41 http://www.a2zyp.com/ 3
42 http://national.gopickle.com/ 3
43 http://www.directorycentral.com/ 3
44 http://www.rateitall.com 3
45 http://www.getfreelisting.com 2
46 https://www.callupcontact.com 2
47 http://www.yippie.biz/ 2
48 http://www.wherezit.com 2
49 http://www.cmac.ws/ 2
50 http://www.youreview.net/ 1