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Essential Links Building Maintenance Tools

Online retail, social media and web related activity has been rising steadily upwards for almost a decade. Owing to the number of smart phones and improved quality and speed of communication networks.

There are so many websites, so much variety and competition is stiff and ever changing. If you want to survive online your website needs to be in tip top shape.

Links Building: Broken, Bad and Low Quality Links

Website content needs to be formatted for Search Engine’s to find and retrieve information each time a key phrase is entered on Google, Bing!, Yahoo Search, etc. Broken links are among the reasons Google lowers page ranking. It’s a task that needs to be repeated often and with little IT knowledge this can be costly.

If you are struggling with an ecommerce, freelance portfolio, traveler’s blog or any website today link maintenance and checking can present a discouraging financial challenge. Fortunately there are tools you can download and install that will relieve you from the burden of essential website maintenance tasks.

Essential Links Building Tools

Almost all SEO tasks can be automated; even content can be spun using software and edited to appear like it was prepared by a person. Specific tasks associated with links building such as assessment and repair are easier to automate.

Let’s highlight some of the links building tools you should review and implement if you are maintaining low budget web based business.


Everything is created using WordPress; blogs to major international corporation websites such as

This plug-in makes it so easy to insert keywords, tags, image tags and associated SEO information as you build your website.

Yoast is simple but very effective handling everything from page and post titles, sitemaps, tags, image tags, etc. It even provides details on the degree of page optimization before you publish the page.


Operating your small business, blog or ecommerce retail store can be costly without the proper tools. Currently fresh, concise and quality content is one way to improve or maintain your website’s relevance and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rank.

The best content can be had to find and Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to check the internet and identify topics attracting the most social interaction on social media. With Buzzsumo all you have to do is identify these topics and rewrite your own version for your website.

Blog Post headline Analyzer

This is particularly useful tool given the tone of headlines contributes a great deal to the amount of traction it will create – catchy and contemporary being favored over dull titles.

This tool is ideal for capturing specific useful details associated with each headline. It can be used to check the length, how emotionally driven the words are, and should help you post much better content. I think it’s especially ideal given you could use it to spice up even content already completed by a contractor or subscriber – making touching up content you would like to repost much easier.

Long Tail Pro Platinum

Keywords are still central to SEO and this tool is ideal for targeting new phrases especially useful when targeting new niches.

Unlike short tail (most often used) keywords, long tail as the name suggests are longer and may be underutilized. These are the best option for SEO professionals and even yourself to find unique key phrases you can use to draw traffic inwards, create content or catchy headlines and subtitles.

Moz Pro

This links building tool is very popular, powerful and can be utilized with relatively simple procedure. The tool is very useful when assessing competitor websites (link quality) and domain metrics.

It is considered very ideal given it gives good insight on your competition before you begin. With this tool it is much easier to keep up with the competition, all you have to do is look at what the competition has to offer and recreate.

Other useful and great tools you may want to consider for your website SEO activities include; bright local, PBN Lab’s Domain Crawler, Google Page Speed Insights tool, Keyword density tools, SEMrush and many more.

For website owners with little IT skill you want to try finding tools that can be used for keyword assessment or link quality and health assessment. These two tasks almost wrap up your primary links building and maintenance concerns.

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How to Establish Effective Link Building Strategy

Specific websites such as travel blogs fall under categories that are not used for products or services for daily use. They may not be as frequently searched for or have some seasonal aspect directly influencing their use.

In such cases you cannot work towards a goal slowly you need to be there are easy to reach when peak season hits. Such websites require targeted link building that not only creates specific number of inbound links but also forms strategic partnerships – all contribute to more and consistent inbound links.

When does targeted linking make sense?

This link building strategy makes a lot of sense when you need to fulfill very clear objectives. For instance when your website falls within the top 100 ranking and you need to move to the top 50. Google lays down the rules on the quality and type of links that improve ranking.

Where you already are in a good position but need to move up fast you could dedicate yourself entirely to increasing the number of anchor links that bring you traffic. The right anchor links will often have to come from sites that Google recognizes – with good standing far as Google web ranking goes.

Factors to consider when establishing the best link building strategy

  • Budget: The amount you can safely invest on link building
  • SEO skills: Some are easier and may not require advanced skills e.g. content writing
  • Backlink portfolio: The links you already have.

Link Building Strategies by Cost

Budget – >$500: With enough money you can improve your link portfolio very rapidly. This may require in the region of $500 depending on the SEO Company.

SEO is technical and results based; you can even experiment by hiring from abroad if you can hire from abroad (lower prices). There are a good number of very experienced and reliable SEO professionals in Asia, Africa and Latin America with relatively cheaper offerings for high quality SEO services.

The content you order should / may include:

  • Guides: Comprehensive how-to blogs, articles. Length varies depending on where these will be posted: about 500 words for blogs and articles, shorter max 150-250 words for social media posts.
  • Detailed history of a product/ service or industry niche.
  • Events guides
  • Articles that make comparison between products
  • Analysis of data with interesting conclusions.

With this content you should identify keywords and begin email marketing, contact bloggers in your niche, social media influencers, etc. I you still have some money to spend work on the quality of images used and graphic design aspects.

Budget – <$500 & >$200: Though this is a significant sum of money you cannot get to make a great deal of content. However, even with this amount you can accomplish all the SEO activity highlighted in the >$500 category especially if you have already done SEO and are simply updating.

You can write your own content or have it written then repurpose it to various website requirements. Any of the categories above e.g. how-to guides can be redone in various formats and lengths from 1000 words to tweets of 140 characters.

Budget <$200: To accomplish link building with this amount will suggest targeting a very small portion of possibilities. With the limited wiggle room you will be much better posting very good quality content – in depth research, very good writing style, great images and formatting, etc.

With your content you can acquire some decent back links simply by blog commenting. You should know that moderators can be punitive when your remarks or posts are entirely commercial. To use blog commenting for link building you should always identify topics that fall in the correct category and try comment or add to the discussion before embedding your link.

You can also try getting quality links as a guest blogger. This can be tricky but works well in industries or niches with plenty of published content. It may take time to get your content noticed by the editor but it pays off in the long run to receive even one quality inbound link.

Finally, depending on which niche you are targeting you could useful infographic or infogram to get a good number of back links. You can do these on your own if you have the right graphic design skills or you can hire someone to prepare them for you. These are best for niches that can say a lot using a few catchy words.

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Why does Link Building matter for SEO?

Regardless of the purpose of your website, improving Search Engine ranking should be one of your main priorities. The reason being, majority of people today find information on products and services using popular search engines such as Google, BING, Yahoo, etc. Your website rank on Search Engine result Pages (SERP) is directly influenced by the number of back links from external sites.

However for improved ranking the process you should note that the process is not quite as simple as the number of back links. For this reason you should always consult the best SEO company Perth for quality link building and consistent improvement and ranking. Poor quality links from sites that do not comply with the Search Engine guidelines often negatively affect ranking and could ultimately lead to penalties or worse.

Link Building

Building quality inbound links involves acquiring hyperlinks from external sites that point back to your website. In practice this is quite a complex process that includes making maximum use of web related resources such as social media, blogs, forums and much more. Often to acquire high quality back links you will have to redesign your content to match the requirements of the external websites. For example, to acquire quality back links from Twitter you will have to create useful and exciting posts; Twitter allows subscribers to make short posts of about 140 characters. Twitter will only be suitable if the posts can remain catchy (albeit short) and you have graphics or links to content that is useful.

What defines a quality link?

There are several factors that appear to help Search Engines identify quality links. For an effective link building campaign you want to consider the following:

  • Local – Topic Popularity

This is one of the main pointers that SEO practitioners use to identify quality links. This implies that the larger the number of inbound links from a topic specific community the better the quality of the links. In simple terms we can assume that if you offer consultancy services, you want to aim at getting more links from websites within that niche rather than social media websites.

  • Global popularity

It goes without saying that Wikipedia is popular. Therefore you can use that framework for your link building activity. You want many diverse links leading back to your website. This should include links from reputable websites, individuals, forums, reputable blogs, etc.

  • Anchor text

These include in text hyperlinks from external web pages. The more of these you acquire from reputable websites the more popular your site becomes. This also implies that for quality links you need to form partnerships with external websites.

  • Trusted Websites

It is always useful to check the trust ranking of any website you are seeking before seeking back links. You can use software to confirm the web site trust ranking; the higher that ranking the better for your website.

  • Validity

Links often change as websites continue to improve the content and site mapping changes. To maintain your ranking you can use software periodically to confirm the validity of links as broken links adversely affect page rank.

  • Avoid acquiring links from websites that have a lot of spam. It is always wise to be careful the websites you use to increase the number of back links.

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5 tips for effective link building campaigns

All businesses, institutions and other organizations that have built web sites do so to spread information about products or services. Because of this they often resort to various techniques to attract traffic or subscription to the web site. This process is known as link building and is possible using content, pictures, graphics and other material that “belongs” to the website. The entire process is very similar with a normal marketing campaign that will consider factors such as price, position, promotion, etc.

5 considerations for effective link building

  1. Any link building campaign is just like marketing and for this reason it is important to set off with clear goals. An example of a realistic goal would be how many inward links you want to establish. If you want to attract say 50 visitors daily you need to chart a campaign that will help the business achieve this. In a competitive niche this is a lot more complex and involves much more than just setting a limit of say 20 back links.
  2. Secondly, you need to identify the material on the site you will use to build links. This includes articles, product reviews, expert opinions, tips and tricks, cheats, landing pages etc. These act as the bait your business needs to build interest in the product or service. While you can buy links, search engines such as Google are against it hence it is better to begin from scratch building these links from the ground up.
  3. You also need to clearly define what type of links you require. If you are selling “hot products” you will need links to the products or product categories pages. On the other hand if you provide consultancy services you are more likely to gain from links that point to your landing page. There are tools you can use to determine how the link profile looks and work on either improving or altering the profile.
  4. For a successful link building campaign you will also need to establish link targets. Before you begin taking any steps in the campaign you need to take time to consider the relevance of the content and segments that will have interest in that content. Direct contact with people often leads to poor response rate and could affect your business negatively. When doing this you need to consider how to improve the quality of content to get it shared on social networks such as twitter and Facebook. With the right kind of content you can get the content shared widely given that more people have social media accounts than websites.
  5. Make it engaging. After all is said and done people will share and revisit sites with the content they like. A known Roofing SEO – Shibga Media Roofing SEO Marketing [2018], recommends that in the very beginning you should decide what angle you want your audience to expect e.g. informative, funny, controversial, statistical, etc. Using Facebook as an example you will observe a lot of the content that is widely shared on the website is often funny or controversial. If this is where you want your audience to get to know you then you need to ensure the content is properly designed to meet that objective.