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10 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts

They say that content is king. The right campaign with the right “stuff” can influence the hearts and minds of your audience exactly the way you want and help drive your business to new levels.

No wonder, then, that many organizations are looking to get a competitive edge with their content marketing efforts. The thing is, though, that not everyone is a whiz at every facet of the content marketing game, and might need a leg up in one area or another. If you are really looking to skyrocket your marketing activities, there’s a certain amount of money you’ll need to invest – both in staff, tool stack and mistakes.

Thankfully, there are dozens of tools that can put you ahead of the pack. Here are ten that will give you an assist when you need it most:


One of the hardest parts of coordinating a content campaign that heavily leverages social media is timing when you post across the myriad of social media sites. Tools like Buffer are here to eliminate much of the guesswork and help you streamline your schedule. It will let you save posts for later, dropping them at just the right moment. It will also enable you to post to many social media sites simultaneously, reducing the hassle of doing it individually.


If you’re sending out content through a high-level email campaign, you’ll need MailChimp to effectively create, manage, and distribute your message to the subscribers on your email list. With MailChimp’s analytics features, you’ll be able to see which efforts are making the best impressions, and fine-tune your approach to better serve your overall goals.


Need to get your message out fast? PRWeb is the way to gain the attention of journalists and get yourself covered in the news. The advantage of that kind of publicity can hardly be overstated.


With some careful analysis of the trending topics, you can gain some knowledge about what’s popular, what’s going to be popular, and how you can focus your content marketing to stay ahead of the curve, riding the wave of a trend full force instead of playing catch-up.


Much in the same vein as Twitter, Reddit is the place to go to see what’s abuzz on the Internet. You’ll also be able to gain valuable perspective on how users view different topics, thanks to their ability to leave rather detailed posts of their thoughts on the site.


Do you like SEO? You’ll need to get good at it to help drive people to your site. Let Yoast handle some of the SEO heavy-lifting and keep you abreast of the best practices, so you don’t go unnoticed.


Come across something that you just have to save for later? Pocket will let you snatch up all kinds of content from across the web and different apps, organizing it for you in one location that you can even access when you’re offline.


We all love it when a plan comes together, and it helps to have the plan well thought out in advance. MindNode will let you map out your thoughts to create the perfect strategy.


If you need to find skilled freelance writers to help shape your message, Scripted is the place to look. They can get you connected with the best in the business, no matter what your specific industry.


Once you have your remote team up and running, you’ll need a way to track time and keep the crew on task. Clockspot is the time tracking software you’ll need to make all your timesheets, payroll, and monitoring efforts painless.


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Digital Marketing

Marketing is a term used to describe a set of defined activities that are useful in propagating knowledge on products or services. The goal of marketing is to create prospects and turn these into clients or customers. At freelancing solutions we have plenty of experience with digital marketing; this is the technique of propagating knowledge on products and services in the appropriate digital technology.

Selecting Digital Marketing Strategy

There are several tasks that are included in this marketing strategy and each technique is used to serve diverse purposes. These techniques include:

While the above strategies cover all bases far as digital marketing is concerned there is a need to match these with an appropriate approach. In recent times it is becoming apparent that in addition to information delivery, you need to also craft your products or services in a way that delivers a solution instead of just information. Successful online businesses today appear to have done research and matched an additional need related to their service to succeed. For instance, you will note that some of the fastest moving products on online auctions such as eBay offer Free Shipping!!! Having worked with many partners online, you can be sure that freelancing solution will craft the best strategy that delivers results for your business.

Focus on Growth Areas

Many businesses especially small businesses fail within the first 18 months. There are many reasons for this and the statistic is true even for online business; one of the reasons that we often ignore is to focus on growth areas/potential. There is plenty of data indicating that mobile internet connections are increasingly common and surpass connections from PC’s today.

For the above reason as part of your digital marketing strategy, you want to increase you emphasis on marketing for mobile users. This involves making responsive websites that will open, load fast and remain readable on a variety of devices. Where possible you want to consider including payment options accessible using mobile payment options. If you don’t have these capabilities you need to swallow your pride and hire an affordable digital marketing company in Syracuse or wherever you happen to be to take care of these digital responsibilities for you. If you don’t, you risk being left behind, imagine if you can a company that refused the internet when it became available and where they would be.

Social Media

While many people are aware of social media activity there appears to be some difficult in crafting digital marketing material for various social media platforms. While platforms such as Facebook are very popular and allow you to put up long posts with images, you want to keep in mind that Twitter with its short posts is reported to have over 1 million tweets each minute all with the potential to embed links.

Go to Boston’s FireRock Marketing for more tips.

At freelancing solution, we understand the needs of your business and will help design the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

Why Freelancing Solution?

While there are many competitors we have years of experience and can provide you with measurable statistics that can guide you on what to expect from each activity. It is for this reason we have established and remain widely sought where digital marketing services are required. Contact us today for more information on strategy and order of marketing activities for your company.


The article briefly describes tips to consider when planning for a digital marketing campaign. It begins with important considerations and ends with reasons to select freelancing solution.

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What is Internet marketing

Freelancing Solutions: Internet Marketing

Introduction – What Is Internet marketing?

Marketing is an essential component for any business enterprise. Through this component products and services are made known to the public and enquiries turned into sales; for this reason anyone in business must have a reliable marketing strategy to guarantees sales.

With business that takes place on a digital platform often on a website accessed using PC’s and smart devices marketing is just as if not even more essential. Why? According to statistics there are more mobile phones than people on the planet today. Of these mobile devices just over 50% are smart phones and their owners primarily use these devices to connect to the internet around the globe. This trend is not slowing down anytime soon as tablet and large smart phone sales surpassed PC sales in 2014; for anyone doing business on the internet you need the best internet marketing partner to succeed.

Why Freelancing Solutions for your internet marketing?

The answer is simple; we understand your needs. To have a successful online business today you need to carry out several tasks on your website. These include:

Local Citations and SEO Services

Search engines are the primary source of information for almost 80% of people who use the internet. They use the engines to make queries and browse the results to find service providers online.

In a bid to improve search engine results accuracy Google and other search engines make regular changes to their algorithms and strategies. One of the often used strategies today is one that uses Google maps and local registries to identify good candidates.

Freelancing Solutions internet marketing package includes placing your business in relevant local directories and on maps. Based on this, your business will be ranked better and closer to the first pages each time a user searches for a keyword within your locality.

In addition to placement in Local directories and on maps with relevant street  or physical addresses our company will repurpose the content using both long and short tail keywords with reference to your locality. This will further enhance your website visibility. For more information on the efficiency of the strategy contact us for statistics on the improvements you can expect.

Content Writing and Web Design/Creation

As mentioned in the introduction on why you need internet marketing, the manner in which people are accessing the internet is changing rapidly. There are so many more connections from smaller mobile devices and your website must reflect this to successfully draw more and more sales. Our company will design from scratch or amend your web design to take responsiveness into consideration. With responsive design your website is fast loading, easy to read and fully functional across a wide range of devices.

In relation to content, search engines especially Google today require natural content. This move was made in a bid to eliminate low quality websites that used unethical techniques to get higher ranking. Our company will carry out research on hot or interesting topics in your niche and provide a reliable strategy to post new natural content that will help maintain your improved ranking.

Freelancing solutions has been in the internet marketing industry for a number of years and has many reputable websites that can back our strategies. Contact us today and start enjoying the success you envisioned for your online business.


What is SEO Marketing?

Fundamentals of SEO Marketing

SEO is usually a marketing discipline focused on growing field of vision in an organic (non-paid) search engine results. It would be the combination of tactics and strategies, which includes optimization of information buildings, usability, content focus, audience targeting, design & development, keyword research, link building, social media marketing and another online or even offline branding/marketing components that support with regards to receiving more traffic from engines like google, yahoo etc.

SEO marketing and advertising could possibly be customized to various kinds of looks. A few businesses may prefer to enhance presence throughout online media or music searches, while some prefer their presence on data or image searches. To optimize any company’s website intended for high ranking from search engines, one need to alter HTML codes and/or your website unique contents. A few also resort to put specific keywords on the website to get advantage from the technique of internet search engine functions.

Two distinct techniques are found to employ Search Engine Optimization namely, white hat SEO in addition to black hat SEO. White hat SEO technique identifies the chosen technique by search engines since website content is generated for users and not just to receive a high rank on search engine results. Meanwhile Black hat SEO classify the techniques that exploit how internet search engine works and try to manipulate ratings by flooding your website with keywords called keyword stuffing and article spinning.

Here are few of the myths you have to move beyond to get smarter with regards to SEO Marketing.

Myth 1: Meta tag Descriptions Help Your Rankings

Meta tags form the text that will be displayed together with your link in the search results–and an even more compelling outline will persuade more people to simply click your listing rather than on others.

Here’s illustration of ours; the meta tag will be everything below the LINK.

Myth 2: The More Inbound Links, the Better

To all the new updates to be able to Google’s algorithm, the search giant has achieved it a primary priority to possess quality trump volume. The days are gone of having thousands of super low-quality backlinks driving upward rankings; actually, creating people links can easily look spammy that acquire your site penalized. So, it is necessary focus on obtaining links from sites that are related to your supplies, services, or business.

Myth 3: Page Rank Still Matters

Google’s famous Page Rank is really a 1-to-10 ranking with the overall authority of every website. Past years, this web all-powerful amount dominated the eye of Search Engine Optimization professionals. Google’s algorithm has changed well outside of any sole indicator. The Page Rank even now exists, if all points are the same, a higher Page Rank trumps to reduce one–but factors including relevance as well as context subject, too.

Myth 4: Google Prefers Keyword-Rich Domains

Google seemed to put a disproportionate volume of emphasis with keywords inside domain name (what you could think of as the URL). As an example, would most likely be positioned first in a search for freelancing siding. If is in fact the a lot more relevant, authoritative site around the topic, it will most likely still list first–but not due to the domain name alone.

Myth 5: Good SEO Is Basically About Trickery

Great SEO is all about creating a relevant, informative web site from the best web design agency in Miami, with distinctive content in addition to great individual experience, and encouraging the revealing and submitting of fantastic content that links back to your website.

At the end, this is precisely what Google explicitly wishes to reward of having high rankings–so it is anything but “tricking” the search engines.

Benefits of SEO Tools

If you are looking for ways to improve your website’s search engine ranking, you clearly need the top seo agency! With these tools, you are giving an edge to your business, over its competitors. Among all the techniques used to study and determine te status of every website, researching has proved to show a radical development in your search engine rankings. These professional tools can resolve each of your countless problems.

The Concept of SEO

SEO is a method used to improve a website’s ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The process of doing this is by bringing high-quality traffic to the sites from Google, Bing and Yahoo via their search results. Your site’s ranking will always depend on the number of guests to your site, and the tools will help you determine. It is indeed an essential tool for a website’s success.

The Benefits

Your website can rule the search engines including king Google. Everyone knows that if your site can show on page one of Google search results, you get to enjoy high visibility and more traffic to your site. You will be able to save time in dominating the results page of Google and other search engines. You can then use this time to do your core activities to increase your productivity and profitability. Higher ranking in Google means more visibility for your website. Hence, you can say that search engine optimization tools increase your online presence. You can get higher returns for your investment in using hight quality online seo service tools from Tampa SEO. The right tools can save you valuable resources and lead to a wider margin of profits for your business.

How Can You Enjoy the Benefits?

  • Build quality content from keywords that rate. To identify these keywords, use a keyword research tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool. You will no longer have to do extensive, and time-consuming research and analysis of the keywords as the tool will do much of the work on your behalf.
  • Attract quality links to your website using a reliable link builder tool. Both quality and quantity of links can accelerate the ranking of your site. With these links, you gain authority and credibility on the web. Google is looking for such authority and credibility when they rate sites and rank them accordingly.
  • Google Analytics, keyword analysis, link, and ranking checker monitor the performance of your site in the keywords that you have chosen. You can then tweak your content and ensure its relevance to stay as the front-runner. These tools allow you to study your competitors so you can stay on top of the competition.

Internet marketers can definitely benefit from using SEO tools. You may have seen Photos of Scott Keever in the news, listing him as one of the top seo experts. He recommends for beginners to include essential tools for search engine optimization in their kit. If you are one of these internet marketers, here is how you can benefit from the use of these tools. The key is to choose carefully the tools to use. Not all devices on the market can deliver robust results. Since you will have to spend for some of these tools, you might as well take the time to choose carefully to get the best benefits from SEO tools.

Internet Marketing Tools

Useful Internet Marketing Tools

Lots of people today discover the reading is the leisure, in contrast the some others see it the very hard solution to do. We should find out that reading is, in fact, valuable for every person. Within this short write-up, you could understand an extremely interesting content around best internet marketing tools which is a portion of an individual’s enjoyment. Take the time to study it and attain the brand new understanding about the matter.

What Are Internet Marketing Tools?

Internet marketing tools is the most efficient type of support that keeps online businesses competitive. It can provide an excellent little help hand to internet marketers looking to automate certain aspects of their business. Internet marketing tools do not directly contribute to traffic, leads, and sales. But help perform tasks that support these results be achieved in a more time efficient manner.Internet Marketing Tools

Making Use of the Tool

Content Management System: First, consider a great content management system. There different content managers available from most web hosts, such as WordPress and Drupal. Either of these can be used on your website or blog to manage your content appropriately. These are quite simple to use. If you don’t have enough experience providing content online, you should start with simple programs. As your proficiency develops, try something more difficult.

Email marketing: This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of online business promotion. There are several ways to use electronic emails as a useful platform to boost your sales. Send emails, sharing all updates of activity, and product information on your target web traffic. In this way, you will reach out a large number of people, and spread your message regarding your brand, services, and products.

  • Auto-Responder: Instead of publishing manually, you can use these solutions to get the job done much more efficiently and conveniently. Auto-responder is a type of service that can help you use email much more effectively for your business. There are two primary functions of auto-responders. When you receive an email, your auto-responder can answer it automatically. Another way to use it is to create many messages that people will receive daily, weekly or whenever you choose. All you have to do is create whatever replies you want people to accept, and then the auto-responder will send them out for you whenever you want. This tool allows you to build a subscriber list with ease.
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Well-designed Website: Developed sites always grab the attention of people. You should hire professionals who are experienced in creating impressive sites with state-of-the-art features, themes, images, graphics, and so on. A nice corporate theme, and colorful pictures, graphics, 3D buttons or tabs, and a designer logo will keep your target online audience glued to your site.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO techniques helps to impress online traffic. Well-developed websites, with genuine, and correct articles, blogs, images, videos, and press releases can help websites get a high SEO ranking. High online ranking for a website will encourage people to visit it. This helps in increasing the number of online clients, and sales number.

Streamlining their business is crucial. If you want to make more money online, use the appropriate tools to get, the work was done. The importance of Internet Marketing tools is known to all website owners and those associated with it. Professional design, quality product and service, great content, and functionality may be there on your website, but still you may not be getting the real success without the tools.