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How to write an Upwork cover letter

What is cover letter?

A cover letter is generally an introduction that illustrates your key accomplishments that fit for a job opening. It focuses on your resume. Each cover letter must be tailored to be able to each occupation, each company or employer.

Why is the cover letter so significant?

Basically, a resume is of partial value to an employer if he or she doesn’t know what kind of work you want to do. The cover letter consents you to mark the job and the employer in a very specific way— and exactly how you are usually qualified for that position. Actually, your cover letter can explain things that your resume can’t.

What are the most important tips when writing a cover letter?

  • Address your cover letter to the named specific
  • Take hold of the reader’s attention & interest by writing an appealing first paragraph
  • Emphasize your three to four key achievements/skills/experiences
  • Focus on the fit between your skills and job demands
  • Highlight whenever you relate yourself to the company
  • Never comprise any negative information
  • Finish your letter by requesting an interview
  • Cover letters must be shorter
  • Avoid any sorts of mistakes such as typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors

Here is the sample of a cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m a professional Web Researcher & Data Entry Operator. Just I have found your job post in Upwork that attracts me most including the following skills.

I have 02 years good experience in Data Entry, Web Research, Word, Excel and Email Conduct. I think my skills would be ideal for the project. Absolutely, I’m confident to complete this job within the estimated time schedule.

I’ve got few questions in regards to the requirements of the job which would be offered to an interview. For the next 2 hours, I will be online if you might talk about. Otherwise, please let me know precisely what times I’ll work for you.

I would like to build an awesome working relationship with you by my Expertise, Honesty, Sincerity and Hard Work.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering my cover letter.

Best Regards,

How to make money on fiverr?

To make money on fiverr is a matter but to know about it, is more significant before going to start. Fiverr is a global marketplace launched throughout February 2010. The name consequences with five plus er, or 5er and here all the services deserve the fixed rate that is $5. It is basically the most popular micro-job marketplace on the web where you can buy or sell almost any random services. Micro-entrepreneurs in more than 200 countries use Fiverr to monetize the skills, talents in addition to resources in a good way.

Importance of Gig in Fiverr

A micro-job on Fiverr is called a Gig and gigs start at $5. It basically means, here the base price of any service is $5 (also known as one Fiverr). But the order can be hundreds of dollars if you provide add-on services (known as Gig Extras).It’s certainly a place where people do what they love and get paid for it. Today it’s not just a micro-job marketplace but much more than that as the gigs now starts at $5. The entire order value could be hundreds of dollars through Gig Extras or perhaps Custom Offers.

As a beginner you should understand the updated levels system that makes it easy to get exposure for your Gigs on Fiverr as it is shown in the below templates:

make money on fiverr Step 1

make money on fiverr Step 2

Steps of make money on Fiverr

Step 01

At first you have to join by giving necessary information. After completing joining procedure you will get an activation email and you have to activate it by clicking.

make money on fiverr Step 3

Step 02

After activation you have to click on My Profile. There at first you have to give a eye catching sentence about you and also fill up the other sections about yourself & service.

make money on fiverr Step 4

Step 03

In this step you have to create a gig for selling your service. Remember, if a video is in your gig, definitely it increases the possibility of your selling target. So, a gig is much more important for selling. Attracting gig including necessary information help you to boost your service.

make money on fiverr Step 5

Through this way you can make money on Fiverr. To know more just click here.

How to Create Upwork Account

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a giant world-wide marketplace exactly where businesses and independent professionals are connected from remotely. It’s a new platform that arose through the union connected with oDesk and Elance to be under just one name and that is “Upwork“. For additional information, look at here.

 Importance of Upwork Profile

A professional Upwork profile is much more important part to increase the possibility to get job. It is not only important but essential also. So, every freelancer should have a good professional profile.

Steps to Create Upwork Account

Step 1

At first need an email account. It is easy to create. You may choose Google, Yahoo, Outlook etc. but Google is best. After creating this, you have to open Upwork Sign up page and click there.

Create Upwork Account Step 1

Step 2

If you are a freelancer and searching work, click the indicated button.

Create Upwork Account Step 2

Step 3

Creating a freelancer account by email is safe. So, choose the button to click.

Create Upwork Account Step 3
Step 4

In this step, you have to fill up the form and click the “Get Started” button.

Create Upwork Account Step 4

Step 5

After completion, you will get a verification email to your given email account. You have to open the email and click the provided link for verification.

Create Upwork Account Step 5

Step 6

When verification is completed, you will get a “create your profile” page. By clicking here you have to develop your profile.

 Create Upwork Account Step 6

Step 7

In this step you have to choose your desired service what you want to give your client.

 Create Upwork Account Step 7

Step 8

Here need an original & professional smiling face image of you.

Create Upwork Account Step 8

Step 9

In this step you have to fill up the given boxes with necessary information.

Create Upwork Account Step 9

Step 10

As a beginner you have to mark here the “Entry Level”. Add your relevant employment history, education, any certification and portfolios (if have) and then click save & continue.

 Create Upwork Account Step 10

Step 11

Here you set your desired hourly rate as per your work. After that you have to give your actual location information and of course it is so important part of the steps.

Create Upwork Account Step 11

Step 12

After completing the steps, you will get “submit for review” button for submitting your profile for review. You will get the final report about your submission after few days.

 Create Upwork Account Step 12

Step 13

Here you have to select your monthly plan. As a beginner you may select “Freelancer Basic”.

Create Upwork Account Step 13

Step 14

Wow! Your upwork profile is now ready for work.

Create Upwork Account Step 14

Here these 14 steps will definitely help you to create upwork account. If you have any complexity, without hesitation just click here.

How to Create Professional Upwork Profile

6 Tips for the Perfect Professional Upwork Profile

Demand for Professional Upwork Profile is an all-time at the top of Upwork. Most of the professionals bring their own unique set of regarding skills and expertise, so ensure your profile provides the right particulars to stand out of the rest. A successful and effective profile not only displays your talent but also highlights the characteristics that set you apart.

Here are six professional profile making tips to attract clients and increase your marketability:

  1. Choose a professional and friendly photo

Really, your own photo makes the first impression that can say – you’re an expert. Your Upwork user profile picture must be a headshot of you dressed professionally. Be confirm your photo is within focus and hi-res and includes a plain background. You don’t need a professional shooter or nice camera to look at an excellent photo.

Here’s certainly one of a symbol taken by using a computer webcam:

 Professional Profile Image - (1)

  1. Keep your title short and focused

Title short and focused -

Clients value freelancers for their principal and related experience, so your title must reflect with your experience and the type of work you like to do. Titles provide a prospective client a high-level summary of your expertise. So, keep the item short and impactful—we ( recommend it should under 10 words and phrases. If you’ve carried multiple professional areas, place your primary skill first inside your title and don’t include over two to complete your title.

  1. Display your expertise within the Overview segment

Overview segment -

Your Upwork profile overview is the best pitch to potential clients. Really it should clearly state your specialized experience, specific skills and the work you’re the most passionate about.

Answer the following questions regarding clients:

  • What types of customer service actually you want to offer? What is your expertise level?
  • How many years of experience do you have in those particular grounds?
  • Have you worked with any specific platforms?
  • What languages have you been proficient both in oral and written?
  • What communication channels do you have experience in—email, live chat, help desk/tickets, phone (inbound or outbound)?


  1. Make your Skills section work for you

Skills section -

Do you conscious about customer service skills? You are able to choose it from the Marketplaces. Just be sure, your selection skills are matching with you. The easiest method is to maximize the skills section would be to add brand-new skills and take out old skills while they become dated. Place your strongest and most relevant skills in front. The marketplaces have many skill-based tests to further validate your expertise.

  1. Add a great Introduction Video with your profile

Add Video Upwork -

A introduction online video media differentiates the profile through others by providing clients a new compelling examine who you’re, what you offer, and how the language ability are.

To get start, here’s a new template tailored for customer support:

Introduction (5-10 seconds)

Hi! My name is [X] and I’ve [X] years experience inside [customer service] industry doing work for [list well-known company names] as [positions/titles].

Objective (10-20 seconds)

I’m seeking customer support positions doing [describe suitable role]. My ultimate position is…

Career Highlights (10-20 seconds)

Now I have worked as a [position/title] for [company/type of client] and I’m responsible for [main functions]. Basically I handled [describe the role: tickets/inbound calls/outbound calls, emails, escalations].

Conclusion (5-10 seconds)

[Thank to the viewer for their attention, convey the desire to work with them in the future and attract them to look at your profile.]

  1. Highlight your previous success in your Employment History

Upwork Profile Employment History -

Take advantage of this section by highlighting tasks you’ve done both in your experience on Upwork. If you’re new at all to the freelancing, add specifics of your previous work history, including virtually any call center or outsourcing experience. If you’re not new to Upwork, list virtually any significant long-term positions or clients. Overall this may help you to set up the credibility as being a successful professional long-term freelancer on Upwork.

Upwork Overview (Content Writing)

With no existing idea of what kind of occupation I wanted to move into, one day I was called & also recruited by a friend for writing on social networking management. After that I found myself a confident one & thought to become a writer in global world.

I have completed successfully 05 years with professional experience. Now, I know what is exactly necessary to be a good writer and anyone who wants to be a writer, must have to fulfill the below requirements.

1.Obsession for writing content:

  • A content writer must have to know about how to write a Catchy headline.
  • Should be able to get into mind the viewers expectations.
  • A content writer also know about the language skills to write error-free .

2. Knowledge of SEO:

  • Write 100% unique content as search engines haven’t indexed it before.
  • Have to use long-tail as well as head keywords & synonyms.
  • Have familiarity of meta-tags, appropriate title, keywords and description.
  • Apply SEO tools to increase rankings.
  • Excellent knowledge on latest search engine updates.

3. Analytics Knowledge:

  • Reputation & attractiveness of your content.
  • Shared limit of your content.
  • Page views and bounce rate for your content.

So, these were the essentials that you must have to become a successful content writer.

A content writer’s sample Upwork overview is given here for the new who are interested.

I am highly enthusiastic, results-driven, ambitious and self-motivated professional writer. Education, work experience and in-depth study and research in my proven fields combine me to create a passion for quality contents. I have successes in publishing blogger and content writing.

I have 05 years experience in creative writing which makes me capable to provide good content in time with great communication skills and excellent analytical abilities.

My specialization is: all of my contents are 100% unique which checked by copyscape &

My skills are on:

  • Article Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • News Writing
  • Company Profile
  • Newsletter
  • Product Review
  • Product Description
  • Press Release
  • Data Entry


Would you persist yourself  on Data Entry Overview

Upwork Overview

People think that earning money from Upwork, is quite easy. Definitely, we are also saying so but in the right way. For this you have to clarify yourself that your profile is it ok or not!

For this, first I publish a sample Upwork overview which is so important to present you to the client.

Data entry Overview

Data Entry Upwork Overview

Past three years, I have worked with various admin support companies which develop my skills in awarding with excellent, effective and efficient results as per my jobs responsibility. I am in search of new and challenging responsibilities in order to keep on my career path and desire to set up an excellent working relationship to all of the employers.

I am a full time freelancer of data entry, web research & personal assistant work and ready to give you hardworking, reliability, flexibility and honesty. I can work with minimal supervision, communicate and give updates on the status of my work output.

I am always determined to deliver projects to upwork clients before meeting the dead line with 100% satisfaction & loyalty.

Technical Skills

  • Data Entry
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Upwork overview on Data EntryMicrosoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Google Docs
  • PDF File Conversion/Transcription to Word/Excel
  • Web Research
  • Internet Research
  • Word Processing
  • Social Accounts Creation
  • Excellent spelling and grammar skills