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Web Content Writing for 2016

In 2016 and beyond web content marketing likely to expand with more websites coming alive designed for use on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The main aspects that appear to bear the potential to continue influencing the nature of web content writing include inclusion of images, videos, and text. The better the quality of content writing the more likely the website satisfies needs of viewers.

For this reason quality content writing should be a consideration for any website give the degree of importance it has in relation to retaining visitors. Special emphasis should be given to custom landing pages, promotional material, new letters and email marketing. These marketing tools are essential to providing info about the product/service and grabbing customer attention. Below are some considerations to help you make the best content for your website.

Original Content Writing

While quality content writing is a choice, originality and the allure of the content is often a challenging issue. Writing entirely original content will take time and should be a goal to aspire to in the long run. Therefore if you have some successful online competitors you should look through the content and consider using that as a template or guideline.

However if you have or contribute to a blog that is linked to your website, prominence will be harder to achieve and originality is very important. For many newbies, blogging can be difficult; however keep in mind that blogs and forums are the best place to find countless and innovative ideas. These blogs and forums can serve as an endless source of inspiration to create captivating original content.

Organize and Use Captivating Headlines

Online articles with statistics are one of the best places to begin your journey to original content writing. For instance you should know that while of visitors 80% read headlines only 20% continue to read the entire article. Needles to say your headlines must be very attention grabbing and where possible always included in section heading text. A good headline says a lot but uses few words.

Exciting and Thought Provoking Headlines

Given the above trend in relation to readers in relation to headings and content writing (80% vs. 20%) used above you headlines should where possible immediately light a spark. It would appear that 80% of people browsing are looking for something and when the headline appears to point to what they are seeking they will stop and read.

You should note that in many cases good content does not have to contain cryptic information and statistics. More often the reader will glean through the information in search of something specific. For that reason you want content that is verifiable (include links where possible), provide information on how to use the ideas rather than just pointing out facts. You need to keep in mind that people read non-fiction to learn and thus your goal should be to help readers achieve this learning goal.

Provide directions

Search engines are the number one used software today because they provide answers. In your content writing bid it is important to ensure that what you offer or shows up in the results page provides answers. At the very least include a link to a site/page with the answer; and have it checked often for validity. Such links include those redirecting to other websites, forums, audio and video or text even social media sites or personalities. The more comprehensive the more likely the reader will return or even share the content.

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Web Design Trends for 2016

More and more people will connect to the internet in 2016 using smart phones and tablets as PC sales continue to drop owing to preference for smaller devices. That is specifically why in this article the focus is on specific trends that could influence mobile or tablet web design in 2016.

Split Screens

Split screens are becoming very popular especially as homepages. These screens are quite easy to design and generally use the principle of one large card divided into proportional sections. Each section is active and acts like a button that responds to a single click.

For the best responsive web design, when using split screens you should consider using color blocking to improve visibility. This is very useful with the tiny cursor on small screens when hovering over split sections. It is also very important to keep the screen simple though as too complex split screens make the interface appear messy and cluttered.

Minimalist Design

Content is the most important concern in 2016 and beyond. Based on this all graphic screen layouts that increase or improve visibility are making a comeback. The minimalist design is one of these and aims to strip away all distractions and draw attention to the content.

Great minimalist designs are very easy to use, have little background color or images, an contain easily accessible menus. The removal of clutter eventually makes the website visually appealing and reduces eye strain and effort in finding information – like a breath of fresh air.

The minimalist design is advantageous as it improves access to information and location of navigation elements. This is achieved by increasing emphasis on essential visual elements that may include images and logos. The design generally reduces loading time, creates a sophisticated appeal and improves legibility.

Best Practices and Responsive Web Design Trends

Slideshows and Galleries: For many websites especially those that contain plenty of graphic or visual information the minimalist design is ideal. The minimalist design in this case can be enhanced further using slideshows and galleries.

With advanced touch screen technology being used in many of these devices these bring significant improvements to scrolling back and forth through catalogs of products, showcases and portfolios.

Another web design trend that is gaining popularity in 2016 is the increased use of hidden navigation panels and hover animations. Hidden panels make much better use of the small screen space on mobile devices and hover animations help keep track of the cursor. Hover animations work especially well with pair colors that make for an aesthetic display.

Card layouts are also very instrumental as they allow you to display several bite sized chunks that are ideal for scrolling. Each card can be used to identify a unified concept given they act as content containers. Often designers prefer rectangular shape that makes the layout easy to rearrange. Customizable layouts are good for different viewers with different devices.

Given the small screen size on many mobile devices it is always advisable to use progressive content density to reduce clutter. On each page begin with less clutter and links at the top and more as you scroll deeper. These are just a few of the important aspects you may want to consider as you design for the web on 2016.

How to Write a Good Sales Letter

For many people marketing products or services preparing the right sales letter template can be quite a problem. This can be quite a problem especially in budding businesses that require one to take on various roles. Whatever the size of your business sales letters are one of the oldest and most widely used ways of delivering product or service information to customers. This scenario is common for many people and having a good template ready is the first step to ensuring increased sales of products or services for any business. Here are some tips.

Organizing the Sales Letter Sample

These vital business communication documents are not at all different from ordinary high school term papers. They require the same order that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Avoid writing in an abstract manner as this will lead to disconnections owing to jumbled information that often put off the reader and for this reason clarity is very essential. The intro typically informs the read why you are sending the letter, example to help boost sales of a new product. The body is where you put in all the juicy detail and your sales pitch. This section of the letter should be irresistible and explain just why you are so sure your product is ideal. It could discuss the ingredients, availability, pricing and offers. The conclusion is a wrap up of all the main points.


Many marketing companies will tell you that many sales letters end up in the trash. One of the reasons for this is complicated presentation packed with too much disorganized information. To avoid this you could use a conversational tone. Often depending on the target market, a friendly casual approach is more engaging. Where possible keep it simple with short sentences and short paragraphs that ensure your letter is interesting and direct. Sales letter templates with too much information are likely to send the wrong message and should be avoided. Lastly edit as much as possible and remove spelling errors and typos.

Captivating Sales Letter Templates

Everyone has at one time read a promotional brochure for a product that with a description that immediately answered a burning question. Many times this is because the template was captivating and included much of what the reader requires. You should note that this was probably backed with good graphics, links and plenty of the right information. Depending on the target market creating a tantalizing sales letter will vary quite a bit and for that reason it is always good to begin with a few samples from competitors.

It is also very important to include a call of action for the reader. In relation to the call of action be sure to include as much contact info as possible and make full use of social media to further enhance the contact options. Use as many examples that grab your reader’s attention where possible including live events. Headings should be as catchy as possible and sentences should be brief and concise.

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Social media marketing

No doubt that the Social Media Marketing opens the precedent for a new style regarding online marketing trends and businesses need to adapt to this new scenario. The tendency to approach the consumer and create bonds of relationship in modern digital marketing found on social networks the ideal channel for creating these points of contact and this is increasing the number of companies seeking social media to publicize their products and services.

The Social Media Marketing is a new trend that brings with it new challenges to (or intending to) marketing on social networks has a striking difference compared to other forms of online marketing where companies were accustomed to act.

Advertising campaigns on social media follow their own mechanics, a more subtle and structured way in comparison to mechanical checked on sponsored links or SEO. Therefore, it is important that companies be aware of this difference to adapt to this new reality.

How does Social Media Marketing work?

The Social Media Marketing is to be a strategy in which the entrepreneur or company takes advantage of the major social networks as a promotional tool for a brand and the product advertising campaign or services.

Obviously, you can use the Social Media for many other actions, such as creating a customer service channel, for example, but in the case of social media marketing, the primary objective is precise to promote products and services. In Social Media Marketing campaigns, responsible for the development of digital marketing make use of the tools offered by networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and others, always depending on the case, the need for which public reach and what the market segment of the company.

The Social Media Marketing is characterized as a display marketing category, which is necessary for companies to seek to adapt to these conceptual differences to not fall into the trap of transforming their profiles in simple murals promotions, without interactivity and targeted message.

Another feature of Social Media marketing is to include work as a way of relationship marketing that the main objective is to develop in the first place, a point of contact with your potential customers, so that only then after entering in a very subtle way, the advertising message.

Is it worth to invest in Social Media Marketing?

There is no doubt about the fact that be worth making some investment in social media marketing, and it naturally brings positive returns. However, this should not be seen as a single universal tool as many companies have seen this alternative in Brazil.

The Social Media is commonly a communications channel that can be explored and used and therefore should be properly assessed and contextualized in the general overview of digital marketing companies strategy. The great advantage of this option for disclosure of businesses on the Internet is that it gives us a chance to approach the target audience, more personal, targeted and segmented way.

Through Social media marketing, it is possible to contact more efficiently its consumers as well as understand their needs and concerns more directly, which facilitates not only the creation of more efficient strategies for brand awareness, as well as greater property on the audience you want to conquer.

Using strategies for Social Media marketing requires a period of maturation and thus is considered a medium and long-term action so that relationships are not created overnight. Therefore, it is important to have a detailed plan of the strategy to be adopted and be prepared for hard work, for the production of relevant content, and interaction is fundamental questions in this area.

Other factors that should be analyzed is also the loyalty ability that Social media marketing strategy provides, as these contacts create bonds of relationship that make marketing return on social networks one that stands out in a digital marketing strategy.

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Social media strategy

The Social Media Strategy can significantly increases the brand value of your company in a different and innovative channel that are social networks. Also known as Social Media Advertisement (involving social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.), allows you to explore the environment for sharing information and opinions about personal experiences; with friends and acquaintances; modern; Other cultures; entities and companies, with brands and products.

Advantages and Benefits Social Media strategy

Among the many advantages and benefits Social Media strategy to advertise through advertising campaigns Social media your business can:

– Take advantage of the most relaxed atmosphere of Facebook users;

– Take advantages of informative inherent to Twitter;

– Use YouTube to introduce the viral marketing in your marketing plans;

– Communicate to users with standard links to specific and specialized professional networks such as LinkedIn.

Use the social media strategy to advertise on the internet is to expand the horizons of your marketing strategy. It is to promote interaction and socialization with an audience that is interested in sharing and commenting on their products: customers, potential customers, fanatics of your brand, or mere individuals interested in your product.


Currently, Instagram is worth about $ 1 billion and is seen as the Social Media fastest growing in 2013. The company already has 35 million registered accounts, which circulate 5 million photos per day and 81 comments per second. They are overwhelming numbers and worthy of admiration when we refer to popularity.


Youtube is the third most visited site in the world with about 70% of all online computers accessing and 3 billion video views per day. There is no denying that Youtube is a very reliable company and fell in love of Internet users, who send 48 hours of video every minute, 10% in high quality. Youtube has servers in 25 countries and is running in 43 languages.


LinkedIn is a social media which has about 79% of users aged 35 and over, puts “face to face” people with professional and organizational objectives. It is with expansion plans for China, the largest Internet market by some users, while recognizing that you have to police individual publications, according to the reproaches made by the country.


The WhatsApp was founded in 2009 in the United States and today has 450 million monthly users, where about 70% are active users daily, where the company that Social Media promises to increase the range of instant communication with plans to integrate call voice. It becomes an attractive and smart proposal considering that about 44% of people using smartphones have the application installed.


Twitter is considered by many a micro-blog and has 232 million users and is a Social Media used to report news and events by 58% of users and 51% to find topics of interest. These figures result in 500 million tweets per day, making 100 million people back to the microblogging all day. A remarkable network step was on October 3, 2013 when officially handed over the documents to make its initial public offering raise 1 billion dollars on the New York Stock Exchange.


The mighty Google also enters this Social Media world with Google+ (Google Plus), with an interface of an enormous simplicity of use, an incredible integration between enterprise applications and the practical way of relating between users with the application instant messaging that is the Hangout.

Google + also offers a range of features for photo editing and allows you to create animated GIFs. This range of features, entertainment and sharing ideas and edited photos resulted in more than 500 million accounts on Google+.


All these groups represent the Social media and prove that the uncontrollable growth of social networks on the Internet becomes an ally increasingly to various market segments due to communication facilities and information exchange with messages, photos and videos. Using tools and methods to facilitate their social media strategy can make a real difference to give prominence to your company and put it in front of the other competitors.

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SEO Services Pricing

If you are in business you will agree that one of the most difficult issues is pricing. Figuring out how to charge and remain competitive can be quite a hassle; the thought alone often has us wishing we were in the business of selling caviar or lobsters. Either way it has to be done.

For instance think of auto detailing; you could simply wash the exterior or do the interior and exterior or even have an automated drive through. The charges for each vary and even in each category the type of machine and people working with the machines make a world of difference.

SEO Services Pricing: How we do it

Our company works keeping in mind that many in online commerce are individuals or small companies. For this reason our pricing is staggered based on what we believe is essential and as such makes it affordable for everyone. In some cases you will while beating the bushes find SEO companies that charge thousands of dollars.

We are not going to say that is wrong, as a matter of fact we work with larger clients who pay us the same. Our SEO Services pricing strategy works such that you get what you pay for; this does not mean we toss a bundle of products in bag in your face and slam the door. Rather we determine what will work best for you within your budget so that we can offer you a band aid when you need it and the complete overhaul if you can afford one.

It is important at this point to mention that regardless of where you fit in with this SEO Services pricing strategy we will deliver the service along with realistic deliverables. We have been in the SEO business for a long time and have clients from all walks including hospitality, entertainment, service delivery, consultancy, retail, suppliers, etc. For this reason we can confidently inform you that when you pay $X for a service you can expect results that include this, this and the other.

We realize that many people especially the small business people are often duped or offered very little simply because they cannot afford the whole package. We work with each and every client on a personal level and ensure that you get what you pay for and you UNDERSTAND what you are paying for.

In experience we have seen this helps the business continue with the necessary SEO activities over time. More often than not this ensures our clients gradually become more informed about SEO and how it affects their business and embrace its relevance. This is in line with our business vision that seeks to open a door of opportunity for you in global business; your success is our success. For this reason we strive to offer competitive SEO Services pricing and top of the range service delivery.

What we include in SEO Services Pricing

In our pricing strategy we charge clients for content writing, back link building, copywriting, local SEO services and social media posting services. However, as mentioned we do a lot of work to ensure that all services offered will deliver specified results. For this reason we can spend a number of hours or days’ tweaking the website to ensure the client attains the target where visits are concerned; this is a service offered free.

In addition to this we often undertake web design and responsive web design; in the process there is a lot of on-site SEO that includes creation of tags, Meta tags, image tags and much more. This is also done free of charge given its importance in relation to search engine crawlers. This is not mentioning quite a lot of graphic design consideration that goes into building appealing websites and graphics for all our clients.

In all our service delivery we borrow a lot from our past clients and jobs and take great pride in working to guide your business to success in online commerce. You are welcome to contact us today and discover how to begin taking steps to your financial success in online commerce.

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SEO Services San Jose

Regardless of where you are in the world the main reason you need SEO services is to improve website visibility. You want visitors and people searching on the internet to find your website fast and identify with it for the services you offer; for business in San Jose the SEO Services you should employ should work toward ensuring clients are inclined to think about your company each time they think of those services.

Internet Marketing and Copywriting

While content creation is essential to getting people interested and of course avoiding penalties one thing you definitely want to keep in mind is your marketing strategy. Many times people doing business online assume that design and proper content is all it takes. That is a wrong perception and is among the reasons your business may be hurting.

Marketing professionals will tell you that relationships in business are very much like those we have and cherish within the home. They require attention and nurturing to bear fruit and grow. For this reason in addition to SEO Services in San Jose we offer lead generation services in our internet marketing package. There is a lot of jargon online and what we mean by this is that we will work through your past and present requirements and help create the type of newsletters and mailing material to keep your clients and suppliers interested.

While content writing is useful it should be backed with useful copywriting. Are your emails to your clients and suppliers boring? You need to have engaging and content packed communication that will translate into business and meaningful banter between you and the customers for return business. Contact us or send us an email for information on SEO Services San Jose and copywriting services.

Is Content King?

For many SEO professionals, ourselves included the shift to Panda and Penguin was a little distressing. However, we will admit that since content is king and as such you need to improve the quality of your content for better SERP.

To improve the quality of content requires and frequent analysis of happenings within the industry; our SEO Services  San Jose will ensure your website is up to date with products/services and the most current technologies, trends or information associated with your industry.

In addition to this our company will craft suitable content and post it in places that will ensure you can begin attracting the kind of quality interaction that is good for business. As you may know it is this kind of interaction that has brought websites such as the American airlines; we will work to help bring you customers who enjoy and share stories about the services received or other experiences that will ultimately bring your business into the conversation.

For that kind of phenomenal change you will need to refine your business processes and ensure that SEO Services  San Jose offering is truly unique; that’s what we are here for!!!

Local SEO

Local SEO – Why should you use it?

If you have a local business, you need a relevant geographic-to bring more traffic to your site by specifying and increasing the ranking to launch your business in local search. Local SEO can fit perfectly on your company needs.

With the ease of being connected anytime and anywhere, local search has become increasingly common and important. Users in computers, mobile phones, tablets are all the time performing local searches. If your company or client has a store or physical service and you want to make the most of it, you sure need to work your website with local SEO.

What Types of Businesses Need Local SEO?

Local SEO for local search is working the same way as the traditional, but we need to focus on specific points. Any company that receives the customers or all customers locally should consider working your site. It applies to a restaurant, a doctor’s office or a clothing store, for example.

Why Do Local SEO?

1 – Most people who are conducting a local search, are really interested in that subject;

2 – Local SEO has a high lead conversion rate, much higher than a broad search;

3 – The number online research using terms related to location is steadily increasing every year;

4 –  More and more people use the Internet for mobile devices and large part of these times, these users are searching for information on specific locations in your area;

5 – Local SEO is  the greatest opportunity for small businesses excel.

Critical Points in Local SEO

1 -Use of keywords and Specific Optimization to Local SEO.

Selecting the right keywords is the main point in the process of optimizing your website for local SEO. Each company needs to identify and choose the words that will give the user the information they seek. These keywords are likely to come together with the city and state, thus helping to identify the location that is being worked on. For example, a medical clinic in the Providence works with the words: “Providence medical clinic”, “clinical Providence of doctors,” among others. A hotel in Springfield, Ohio would work with the words: “Hotel Springfield”, “Hotel Springfield Ohio”, among others.

After these chosen words, they should be used naturally in top locations of the site, such as:

  • Tag title (main place to add information city / state). Many small businesses jump in local rankings thanks to this information.,
  • Page title (use city name or state in the page h1 may not be a good idea, but it can be used in other titles like h2 or h3)
  • URL (Obviously this can not happen on the homepage, but other pages with this information can mean a powerful signal to relevance)
  • Website content (Include local data in the texts and descriptions of the site is of great importance)
  • Alt tags (Many local business sites add local data as city and state in the alt text of your images. It is another way to increase the position to place ranking),
  • Meta-description ( the use of local data in the meta description increases click through rate on a local search).

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a term used to describe a set of defined activities that are useful in propagating knowledge on products or services. The goal of marketing is to create prospects and turn these into clients or customers. At freelancing solutions we have plenty of experience with digital marketing; this is the technique of propagating knowledge on products and services in the appropriate digital technology.

Selecting Digital Marketing Strategy

There are several tasks that are included in this marketing strategy and each technique is used to serve diverse purposes. These techniques include:

While the above strategies cover all bases far as digital marketing is concerned there is a need to match these with an appropriate approach. In recent times it is becoming apparent that in addition to information delivery, you need to also craft your products or services in a way that delivers a solution instead of just information. Successful online businesses today appear to have done research and matched an additional need related to their service to succeed. For instance, you will note that some of the fastest moving products on online auctions such as eBay offer Free Shipping!!! Having worked with many partners online, you can be sure that freelancing solution will craft the best strategy that delivers results for your business.

Focus on Growth Areas

Many businesses especially small businesses fail within the first 18 months. There are many reasons for this and the statistic is true even for online business; one of the reasons that we often ignore is to focus on growth areas/potential. There is plenty of data indicating that mobile internet connections are increasingly common and surpass connections from PC’s today.

For the above reason as part of your digital marketing strategy, you want to increase you emphasis on marketing for mobile users. This involves making responsive websites that will open, load fast and remain readable on a variety of devices. Where possible you want to consider including payment options accessible using mobile payment options.

Social Media

While many people are aware of social media activity there appears to be some difficult in crafting digital marketing material for various social media platforms. While platforms such as Facebook are very popular and allow you to put up long posts with images, you want to keep in mind that Twitter with its short posts is reported to have over 1 million tweets each minute all with the potential to embed links.

At freelancing solution, we understand the needs of your business and will help design the best digital marketing strategy for your business.

Why Freelancing Solution?

While there are many competitors we have years of experience and can provide you with measurable statistics that can guide you on what to expect from each activity. It is for this reason we have established and remain widely sought where digital marketing services are required. Contact us today for more information on strategy and order of marketing activities for your company.


The article briefly describes tips to consider when planning for a digital marketing campaign. It begins with important considerations and ends with reasons to select freelancing solution.

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Make Money Online

All over the world today people are busy looking for new ways to make money. The problem is not restricted to the developing world due to the fact that even though many economies have recovered from financial crisis, very few have managed to attain significant accelerated growth. It is for this reason that people need new ways to make money online.

Freelancing Solution Tips to Make Money Online

While there are a wide variety of approaches to earning online that we will discuss in another article, it is important to begin your quest with the correct attitude. Some of the things you want to consider include:

Improving and Establishing Reliable Time Management

There are many online platforms that can help you make money online including article/content writing work, surveys, academic research and much more. In all the above scenarios you are expected to manage your time effectively for you to begin and continue earnings.

Ratings are very important on most platforms and will determine how much work you can get, rates you can apply and the demand for your services. In many cases you will work with people just learning how to build and manage websites and you must be able to provide accurate estimates as these will have a positive impact on feedback, ratings and earnings. You should consider using timer management tools such as Toggl to assess and give accurate estimates. It is also useful to build suitable templates in your free time or early in your quest as these will serve to improve communication with clients and paint a pristine picture of your services.

Practice Professionalism


At Freelancing solution we have for a while been busy providing high quality marketing and SEO services. Through experience it is proper to assume each client is a high profile contact with the potential to open up doors to much more work.

This approach will ensure that you make money online because the client understands what to expect from you from the word go. Note that this does not mean you shouldn’t joke around; on the contrary this approach suggests you maintain a thorough and easily understood professional approach when discussing matters pertaining to work. Once you have established deadlines, payment schedules and milestones experience suggests many clients will not mind goofing especially as you deliver consistently based on your prior terms.

Work Smart

While making applications and discussing work make sure you are clear but do not give all the information to your client. You will work on many outsourced jobs when seeking to make money online. As such you should make effort to be clear but use the prompts for more information to open doors for negotiation.

In addition to the above thoughts ensure you double check everything. As a virtual worker reputation is everything. You therefore want to recheck addresses you use often and schedules to ensure you are always able to put your money where your mouth is.

Examples of Tasks you could begin make money online


The article briefly describes tips to consider planning to begin working and earning money online. It includes the most important aspects and individual will have to focus on for success and ends with a few options to choose from where online jobs are concerned.