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Social Bookmarking is so important part of SEO. The constructive special effect of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, or other web sites is totally dazzling which actually introduces sites to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.

Freelancing Solution is going to present for you “Social Bookmarking Service”. To this affair, today we publish the high PR Bookmarking Site list and we are concern about your ultimate benefit.

How to Create Social Bookmarking-this tactic is not far from you; we will come soon till that moment, stay close with us.

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Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites on Food

Social Bookmarking is so important part of SEO. The constructive special effect of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, or other web sites is totally dazzling which actually introduces sites to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.

Freelancing Solution is going to present for you “Social Bookmarking Service”. To this affair, today we publish the high PR Bookmarking Site list and we are concern about your ultimate benefit.

How to Create Social Bookmarking-this tactic is not far from you; we will come soon till that moment, stay close with us.

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Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites on Agriculture

Social Bookmarking is so important part of SEO. The constructive special effect of social bookmarking for publishers of news sites, blogs, or other web sites is totally dazzling which actually introduces sites to others with relevant tastes, drive traffic to your site, and valuable backlinks.

Freelancing Solution is going to present for you “Social Bookmarking Service”. To this affair, today we publish the high PR Bookmarking Site list and we are concern about your ultimate benefit.

How to Create Social Bookmarking-this tactic is not far from you; we will come soon till that moment, stay close with us.

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10 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts

They say that content is king. The right campaign with the right “stuff” can influence the hearts and minds of your audience exactly the way you want and help drive your business to new levels.

No wonder, then, that many organizations are looking to get a competitive edge with their content marketing efforts. The thing is, though, that not everyone is a whiz at every facet of the content marketing game, and might need a leg up in one area or another. If you are really looking to skyrocket your marketing activities, there’s a certain amount of money you’ll need to invest – both in staff, tool stack and mistakes.

Thankfully, there are dozens of tools that can put you ahead of the pack. Here are ten that will give you an assist when you need it most:


One of the hardest parts of coordinating a content campaign that heavily leverages social media is timing when you post across the myriad of social media sites. Tools like Buffer are here to eliminate much of the guesswork and help you streamline your schedule. It will let you save posts for later, dropping them at just the right moment. It will also enable you to post to many social media sites simultaneously, reducing the hassle of doing it individually.


If you’re sending out content through a high-level email campaign, you’ll need MailChimp to effectively create, manage, and distribute your message to the subscribers on your email list. With MailChimp’s analytics features, you’ll be able to see which efforts are making the best impressions, and fine-tune your approach to better serve your overall goals.


Need to get your message out fast? PRWeb is the way to gain the attention of journalists and get yourself covered in the news. The advantage of that kind of publicity can hardly be overstated.


With some careful analysis of the trending topics, you can gain some knowledge about what’s popular, what’s going to be popular, and how you can focus your content marketing to stay ahead of the curve, riding the wave of a trend full force instead of playing catch-up.


Much in the same vein as Twitter, Reddit is the place to go to see what’s abuzz on the Internet. You’ll also be able to gain valuable perspective on how users view different topics, thanks to their ability to leave rather detailed posts of their thoughts on the site.


Do you like SEO? You’ll need to get good at it to help drive people to your site. Let Yoast handle some of the SEO heavy-lifting and keep you abreast of the best practices, so you don’t go unnoticed.


Come across something that you just have to save for later? Pocket will let you snatch up all kinds of content from across the web and different apps, organizing it for you in one location that you can even access when you’re offline.


We all love it when a plan comes together, and it helps to have the plan well thought out in advance. MindNode will let you map out your thoughts to create the perfect strategy.


If you need to find skilled freelance writers to help shape your message, Scripted is the place to look. They can get you connected with the best in the business, no matter what your specific industry.


Once you have your remote team up and running, you’ll need a way to track time and keep the crew on task. Clockspot is the time tracking software you’ll need to make all your timesheets, payroll, and monitoring efforts painless.


Author Bio

Wendy Dessler

Title: Super-Connector at OutreachMamaWendy is a super-connector with OutreachMama and Youth Noise NJ who helps businesses find their

audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition. You can contact her on Twitter.

Top Social Media Marketing Ideas

Top Social Media Marketing Ideas: Start online marketing with social media

I’m sharing some social media marketing ideas. It will help to get better way to promote social media campaigns.

Plan: It is very important for making social media marketing plan. Your target audience will interest, if you consider keyword analysis and inspiration content ideas.

Reliable Product Image: Using your product images for social media marketing activities to your business branding. Your product images are showing on different social media platforms. Your business main identity will stay consistent with each platform. It is own unique environment and voice.

Content is King: Content is king when you go to social media experts for marketing. It is consistent with other areas of internet marketing. Ensure your audience will find interesting when you sharing valuable information. Create different of content by developing social media text, images, videos & info graphics.

Blogging: It is a great social media for marketing tool. You can share a lot of information and content with viewers. Your business blog can serve as your social media blog. It has about your update social media campaigns, events, and contests.

Link: Using social media for marketing depends primarily on company sharing its own original, unique article to increase followers, fans and devotees. It is also important to link to external contents as well. Linking to external sources improves reliability and trust.

Monitor Competitors: It is usually essential to monitor competitors. They can provide informative data for keyword analysis, where to get product related links and extra social media marketing insight. If your competitors are using a specific social media marketing strategy that appears to get working for them, perform same thing, but do it better!

Measure Success with Achievement: You can not establish the achievements of your social media techniques without tracking data. Google Analytics can be used as a fantastic social media  for marketing tool that will help you measure your successful social media marketing strategies, and also select which strategies be more effective off abandoned.

Top Social Media marketing sites

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Marketing your SEO services in 2017

SEO services were probably the most lucrative means of earning several years ago. This was in a period when Search Engine ranking was governed by relatively lax policies. Many people made a ton of money using SEO Advantage techniques. It was possible to push the rank of a website using strategies such as keyword stuffing on dummy websites.

Today the ranking algorithms are very different and it is not quite as easy to improve page ranks – at least not that fast. For this reason marketing SEO services is quite challenging – here are some tips for fellow SEO types.

# Blogging

SEO service provider’s today blog just to market their SEO services. Many of these websites share, discuss and argue about strategy just to become visible.

Personally, I believe this is an excellent method to market SEO niche edits services – it’s affordable and shows you are constantly improving. Quality blogs draw plenty of attention and get shared, tweeted about and widely circulated.

# Working with Large Freelance Corporations

Freelancing is picking up and the market is far from saturated.

On freelance platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, iWriter, you will find you can sell written content at very competitive prices. Writing high quality content on these platforms is one sure way of marketing your SEO services especially content creation skills and can put you in direct competition with SEO in Singapore and beyond. Freelancing in this way can really open up many doors as you build your personal reputation.

In addition to the money you can make writing and selling articles, you get to create a profile that you can use to showcase your services and samples.

# Professional Social Media – LinkedIn

Social media serves a variety of purposes today one of which is bringing professionals together.

Like Facebook and other casual social media websites, LinkedIn allows registered users to form groups and post articles discussing collective issues. According to experts at one of the experienced online marketing agency in Singapore, joining and contributing to these groups is one of the best ways you can market your SEO services.

The best part is LinkedIn moderates the interaction in such a fashion that you can be sure you will be sharing with peers only. The quality of interaction alone is sure way to find clients if your work is outstanding.

# Registering for Competitions

Some web sites use frequent competitions to help freelancers stand out.

Registering on platforms such as will put you dead on the track for weekly, monthly and seasonal competitions. In some cases you will need to form groups and in other you get to go it alone. Either way you get to market your SEO services in a simple way.

Competitions are especially good given that they often come with financial rewards and badges, all of which say something about the person behind the picture.

These are just some of the options you have to market your SEO services. You can also use the traditional social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter; though you will need to know how to tweak the privacy and security to keep your account from prying hands. You could even borrow ideas about competitions and run campaigns of your own.

Essential Links Building Maintenance Tools

Online retail, social media and web related activity has been rising steadily upwards for almost a decade. Owing to the number of smart phones and improved quality and speed of communication networks.

There are so many websites, so much variety and competition is stiff and ever changing. If you want to survive online your website needs to be in tip top shape.

Links Building: Broken, Bad and Low Quality Links

Website content needs to be formatted for Search Engine’s to find and retrieve information each time a key phrase is entered on Google, Bing!, Yahoo Search, etc. Broken links are among the reasons Google lowers page ranking. It’s a task that needs to be repeated often and with little IT knowledge this can be costly.

If you are struggling with an ecommerce, freelance portfolio, traveler’s blog or any website today link maintenance and checking can present a discouraging financial challenge. Fortunately there are tools you can download and install that will relieve you from the burden of essential website maintenance tasks.

Essential Links Building Tools

Almost all SEO tasks can be automated; even content can be spun using software and edited to appear like it was prepared by a person. Specific tasks associated with links building such as assessment and repair are easier to automate.

Let’s highlight some of the links building tools you should review and implement if you are maintaining low budget web based business.


Everything is created using WordPress; blogs to major international corporation websites such as

This plug-in makes it so easy to insert keywords, tags, image tags and associated SEO information as you build your website.

Yoast is simple but very effective handling everything from page and post titles, sitemaps, tags, image tags, etc. It even provides details on the degree of page optimization before you publish the page.


Operating your small business, blog or ecommerce retail store can be costly without the proper tools. Currently fresh, concise and quality content is one way to improve or maintain your website’s relevance and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) rank.

The best content can be had to find and Buzzsumo is the perfect tool to check the internet and identify topics attracting the most social interaction on social media. With Buzzsumo all you have to do is identify these topics and rewrite your own version for your website.

Blog Post headline Analyzer

This is particularly useful tool given the tone of headlines contributes a great deal to the amount of traction it will create – catchy and contemporary being favored over dull titles.

This tool is ideal for capturing specific useful details associated with each headline. It can be used to check the length, how emotionally driven the words are, and should help you post much better content. I think it’s especially ideal given you could use it to spice up even content already completed by a contractor or subscriber – making touching up content you would like to repost much easier.

Long Tail Pro Platinum

Keywords are still central to SEO and this tool is ideal for targeting new phrases especially useful when targeting new niches.

Unlike short tail (most often used) keywords, long tail as the name suggests are longer and may be underutilized. These are the best option for SEO professionals and even yourself to find unique key phrases you can use to draw traffic inwards, create content or catchy headlines and subtitles.

Moz Pro

This links building tool is very popular, powerful and can be utilized with relatively simple procedure. The tool is very useful when assessing competitor websites (link quality) and domain metrics.

It is considered very ideal given it gives good insight on your competition before you begin. With this tool it is much easier to keep up with the competition, all you have to do is look at what the competition has to offer and recreate.

Other useful and great tools you may want to consider for your website SEO activities include; bright local, PBN Lab’s Domain Crawler, Google Page Speed Insights tool, Keyword density tools, SEMrush and many more.

For website owners with little IT skill you want to try finding tools that can be used for keyword assessment or link quality and health assessment. These two tasks almost wrap up your primary links building and maintenance concerns.

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How to Establish Effective Link Building Strategy

Specific websites such as travel blogs fall under categories that are not used for products or services for daily use. They may not be as frequently searched for or have some seasonal aspect directly influencing their use.

In such cases you cannot work towards a goal slowly you need to be there are easy to reach when peak season hits. Such websites require targeted link building that not only creates specific number of inbound links but also forms strategic partnerships – all contribute to more and consistent inbound links.

When does targeted linking make sense?

This link building strategy makes a lot of sense when you need to fulfill very clear objectives. For instance when your website falls within the top 100 ranking and you need to move to the top 50. Google lays down the rules on the quality and type of links that improve ranking.

Where you already are in a good position but need to move up fast you could dedicate yourself entirely to increasing the number of anchor links that bring you traffic. The right anchor links will often have to come from sites that Google recognizes – with good standing far as Google web ranking goes.

Factors to consider when establishing the best link building strategy

  • Budget: The amount you can safely invest on link building
  • SEO skills: Some are easier and may not require advanced skills e.g. content writing
  • Backlink portfolio: The links you already have.

Link Building Strategies by Cost

Budget – >$500: With enough money you can improve your link portfolio very rapidly. This may require in the region of $500 depending on the SEO Company.

SEO is technical and results based; you can even experiment by hiring from abroad if you can hire from abroad (lower prices). There are a good number of very experienced and reliable SEO professionals in Asia, Africa and Latin America with relatively cheaper offerings for high quality SEO services.

The content you order should / may include:

  • Guides: Comprehensive how-to blogs, articles. Length varies depending on where these will be posted: about 500 words for blogs and articles, shorter max 150-250 words for social media posts.
  • Detailed history of a product/ service or industry niche.
  • Events guides
  • Articles that make comparison between products
  • Analysis of data with interesting conclusions.

With this content you should identify keywords and begin email marketing, contact bloggers in your niche, social media influencers, etc. I you still have some money to spend work on the quality of images used and graphic design aspects.

Budget – <$500 & >$200: Though this is a significant sum of money you cannot get to make a great deal of content. However, even with this amount you can accomplish all the SEO activity highlighted in the >$500 category especially if you have already done SEO and are simply updating.

You can write your own content or have it written then repurpose it to various website requirements. Any of the categories above e.g. how-to guides can be redone in various formats and lengths from 1000 words to tweets of 140 characters.

Budget <$200: To accomplish link building with this amount will suggest targeting a very small portion of possibilities. With the limited wiggle room you will be much better posting very good quality content – in depth research, very good writing style, great images and formatting, etc.

With your content you can acquire some decent back links simply by blog commenting. You should know that moderators can be punitive when your remarks or posts are entirely commercial. To use blog commenting for link building you should always identify topics that fall in the correct category and try comment or add to the discussion before embedding your link.

You can also try getting quality links as a guest blogger. This can be tricky but works well in industries or niches with plenty of published content. It may take time to get your content noticed by the editor but it pays off in the long run to receive even one quality inbound link.

Finally, depending on which niche you are targeting you could useful infographic or infogram to get a good number of back links. You can do these on your own if you have the right graphic design skills or you can hire someone to prepare them for you. These are best for niches that can say a lot using a few catchy words.

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How to write content that people want to link

It is one thing to populate your website with content and another to get people to want to link to that content. On one hand you would have you should write content including good descriptions of products or services while on the other you would have the type of content that excites and inspires. Then comes the question how should one go about this given we are not all experts? Well it not all about being an expert you could reach the same target just by being a bit more analytical.

  1. Create Link Worthy Content

To achieve this you do not want to just mention why but you want to include several how to options in your content. When thinking about content browse the net using abroad keyword and look at the content that makes you say wow! Make efforts to write content that runs along those lines and you will most likely have more people interested in linking back to your website.

  1. Improve on topics you find

In many instances the author of the exciting write content will mention unanswered questions or possibilities. Take the chance to explore such options and share this with the author. It is likely that based on this you will foster a new relationship that could provide answers or even better sources for future content writing. If you find a great article on health foods go a step further and break it down to something like top 20 health foods for pregnant mothers.

  1. Find reliable assets

Reach out and seek other people who have reliable and trustworthy reputation to get links from. These assets alone will provide you with information and links to even more assets that ultimately will improve you SEO rankings and reading. Assets are quite easy to find based on the number of links they generate – the more the better.

  1. Find the right target audience

On social media statistics can be very useful to your website. For instance on twitter people with an average of 5 retweets are much more likely to share content they receive. For this reason when beginning your content writing efforts make sure you begin fishing in the correct places. This alone can get you as much as 300% more shares.

  1. Find influencers

While this may seem simple enough you do not want to go about it in the conventional fashion. However, good your content just mailing an admin will have them thinking you are just another blogger. Instead you can go through a list of websites in the same niche and identify the ones you are interested in partnering with. Once done you should try get your content on sites such as and have fellow bloggers vote. If you can gain attention there you will grab the attention of anyone else you sought to partner with. You could also us small tight knit communities on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get even more credit.

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Why does Link Building matter for SEO?

Regardless of the purpose of your website, improving Search Engine ranking should be one of your main priorities. The reason being, majority of people today find information on products and services using popular search engines such as Google, BING, Yahoo, etc. Your website rank on Search Engine result Pages (SERP) is directly influenced by the number of back links from external sites.

However for improved ranking the process you should note that the process is not quite as simple as the number of back links. For this reason you should always consult the best SEO company Perth for quality link building and consistent improvement and ranking. Poor quality links from sites that do not comply with the Search Engine guidelines often negatively affect ranking and could ultimately lead to penalties or worse.

Link Building

Building quality inbound links involves acquiring hyperlinks from external sites that point back to your website. In practice this is quite a complex process that includes making maximum use of web related resources such as social media, blogs, forums and much more. Often to acquire high quality back links you will have to redesign your content to match the requirements of the external websites. For example, to acquire quality back links from Twitter you will have to create useful and exciting posts; Twitter allows subscribers to make short posts of about 140 characters. Twitter will only be suitable if the posts can remain catchy (albeit short) and you have graphics or links to content that is useful.

What defines a quality link?

There are several factors that appear to help Search Engines identify quality links. For an effective link building campaign you want to consider the following:

  • Local – Topic Popularity

This is one of the main pointers that SEO practitioners use to identify quality links. This implies that the larger the number of inbound links from a topic specific community the better the quality of the links. In simple terms we can assume that if you offer consultancy services, you want to aim at getting more links from websites within that niche rather than social media websites.

  • Global popularity

It goes without saying that Wikipedia is popular. Therefore you can use that framework for your link building activity. You want many diverse links leading back to your website. This should include links from reputable websites, individuals, forums, reputable blogs, etc.

  • Anchor text

These include in text hyperlinks from external web pages. The more of these you acquire from reputable websites the more popular your site becomes. This also implies that for quality links you need to form partnerships with external websites.

  • Trusted Websites

It is always useful to check the trust ranking of any website you are seeking before seeking back links. You can use software to confirm the web site trust ranking; the higher that ranking the better for your website.

  • Validity

Links often change as websites continue to improve the content and site mapping changes. To maintain your ranking you can use software periodically to confirm the validity of links as broken links adversely affect page rank.

  • Avoid acquiring links from websites that have a lot of spam. It is always wise to be careful the websites you use to increase the number of back links.

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