Web Content Writing for 2016

In 2016 and beyond web content marketing likely to expand with more websites coming alive designed for use on mobile devices, tablets and PCs. The main aspects that appear to bear the potential to continue influencing the nature of web content writing include inclusion of images, videos, and text. The better the quality of content writing the more likely the website satisfies needs of viewers.

For this reason quality content writing should be a consideration for any website give the degree of importance it has in relation to retaining visitors. Special emphasis should be given to custom landing pages, promotional material, new letters and email marketing. These marketing tools are essential to providing info about the product/service and grabbing customer attention. Below are some considerations to help you make the best content for your website.

Original Content Writing

While quality content writing is a choice, originality and the allure of the content is often a challenging issue. Writing entirely original content will take time and should be a goal to aspire to in the long run. Therefore if you have some successful online competitors you should look through the content and consider using that as a template or guideline. Alternatively you can hire an affordable writing service to help you get the ball rolling in your favor. It’s very hard to know what you don’t know, before you know it. Hiring an assistant is sometimes the only option.

However if you have or contribute to a blog that is linked to your website, prominence will be harder to achieve and originality is very important. For many newbies, blogging can be difficult; however keep in mind that blogs and forums are the best place to find countless and innovative ideas. These blogs and forums can serve as an endless source of inspiration to create captivating original content.

Organize and Use Captivating Headlines

Online articles with statistics are one of the best places to begin your journey to original content writing. For instance you should know that while of visitors 80% read headlines only 20% continue to read the entire article. Needles to say your headlines must be very attention grabbing and where possible always included in section heading text. A good headline says a lot but uses few words.

Exciting and Thought Provoking Headlines

Given the above trend in relation to readers in relation to headings and content writing (80% vs. 20%) used above you headlines should where possible immediately light a spark. It would appear that 80% of people browsing are looking for something and when the headline appears to point to what they are seeking they will stop and read.

You should note that in many cases good content does not have to contain cryptic information and statistics. More often the reader will glean through the information in search of something specific. For that reason you want content that is verifiable (include links where possible), provide information on how to use the ideas rather than just pointing out facts. You need to keep in mind that people read non-fiction to learn and thus your goal should be to help readers achieve this learning goal.

Provide directions

Search engines are the number one used software today because they provide answers. In your content writing bid it is important to ensure that what you offer or shows up in the results page provides answers. At the very least include a link to a site/page with the answer; and have it checked often for validity. Such links include those redirecting to other websites, forums, audio and video or text even social media sites or personalities. The more comprehensive the more likely the reader will return or even share the content.

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Web Design Trends for 2016

More and more people will connect to the internet in 2016 using smart phones and tablets as PC sales continue to drop owing to preference for smaller devices. That is specifically why in this article the focus is on specific trends that could influence mobile or tablet web design in 2016.

Split Screens

According to mobile app developers split screens are becoming very popular especially as homepages. These screens are quite easy to design and generally use the principle of one large card divided into proportional sections. Each section is active and acts like a button that responds to a single click.

For the best responsive web design, when using split screens you should consider using color blocking to improve visibility. This is very useful with the tiny cursor on small screens when hovering over split sections. It is also very important to keep the screen simple though as too complex split screens make the interface appear messy and cluttered.

Minimalist Design

Content is the most important concern in 2016 and beyond. Based on this all graphic screen layouts that increase or improve visibility are making a comeback. The minimalist design is one of these and aims to strip away all distractions and draw attention to the content.

Great minimalist designs are very easy to use, have little background color or images, an contain easily accessible menus. The removal of clutter eventually makes the website visually appealing and reduces eye strain and effort in finding information – like a breath of fresh air.

The minimalist design is advantageous as it improves access to information and location of navigation elements. This is achieved by increasing emphasis on essential visual elements that may include images and logos. The design generally reduces loading time, creates a sophisticated appeal and improves legibility.

Best Practices and Responsive Web Design Trends

Slideshows and Galleries: For many websites especially those that contain plenty of graphic or visual information the minimalist design is ideal. The minimalist design in this case can be enhanced further using slideshows and galleries.

With advanced touch screen technology being used in many of these devices these bring significant improvements to scrolling back and forth through catalogs of products, showcases and portfolios.

Another web design trend that is gaining popularity in 2016 is the increased use of hidden navigation panels and hover animations. Hidden panels make much better use of the small screen space on mobile devices and hover animations help keep track of the cursor. Hover animations work especially well with pair colors that make for an aesthetic display.

Card layouts are also very instrumental as they allow you to display several bite sized chunks that are ideal for scrolling. Each card can be used to identify a unified concept given they act as content containers. Often designers prefer rectangular shape that makes the layout easy to rearrange. Customizable layouts are good for different viewers with different devices.

Given the small screen size on many mobile devices it is always advisable to use progressive content density to reduce clutter. On each page begin with less clutter and links at the top and more as you scroll deeper. These are just a few of the important aspects you may want to consider as you design for the web on 2016.

How to Write a Good Sales Letter

For many people marketing products or services preparing the right sales letter template can be quite a problem. This can be quite a problem especially in budding businesses that require one to take on various roles. Whatever the size of your business sales letters are one of the oldest and most widely used ways of delivering product or service information to customers. This scenario is common for many people and having a good template ready is the first step to ensuring increased sales of products or services for any business. Here are some tips.

Organizing the Sales Letter Sample

These vital business communication documents are not at all different from ordinary high school term papers. They require the same order that includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Avoid writing in an abstract manner as this will lead to disconnections owing to jumbled information that often put off the reader and for this reason clarity is very essential. The intro typically informs the read why you are sending the letter, example to help boost sales of a new product. The body is where you put in all the juicy detail and your sales pitch. This section of the letter should be irresistible and explain just why you are so sure your product is ideal. It could discuss the ingredients, availability, pricing and offers. The conclusion is a wrap up of all the main points.


Many marketing companies will tell you that many sales letters end up in the trash. One of the reasons for this is complicated presentation packed with too much disorganized information. To avoid this you could use a conversational tone. Often depending on the target market, a friendly casual approach is more engaging. Where possible keep it simple with short sentences and short paragraphs that ensure your letter is interesting and direct. Sales letter templates with too much information are likely to send the wrong message and should be avoided. Lastly edit as much as possible and remove spelling errors and typos.

Captivating Sales Letter Templates

Everyone has at one time read a promotional brochure for a product that with a description that immediately answered a burning question. Many times this is because the template was captivating and included much of what the reader requires. You should note that this was probably backed with good graphics, links and plenty of the right information. Depending on the target market creating a tantalizing sales letter will vary quite a bit and for that reason it is always good to begin with a few samples from competitors.

It is also very important to include a call of action for the reader. In relation to the call of action be sure to include as much contact info as possible and make full use of social media to further enhance the contact options. Use as many examples that grab your reader’s attention where possible including live events. Headings should be as catchy as possible and sentences should be brief and concise.

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