How to Create Professional Upwork Profile

6 Tips for the Perfect Professional Upwork Profile

Demand for Professional Upwork Profile is an all-time at the top of Upwork. Most of the professionals bring their own unique set of regarding skills and expertise, so ensure your profile provides the right particulars to stand out of the rest. A successful and effective profile not only displays your talent but also highlights the characteristics that set you apart.

Here are six professional profile making tips to attract clients and increase your marketability:

  1. Choose a professional and friendly photo

Really, your own photo makes the first impression that can say – you’re an expert. Your Upwork user profile picture must be a headshot of you dressed professionally. Be confirm your photo is within focus and hi-res and includes a plain background. You don’t need a professional shooter or nice camera to look at an excellent photo.

Here’s certainly one of a symbol taken by using a computer webcam:

 Professional Profile Image - (1)

  1. Keep your title short and focused

Title short and focused -

Clients value freelancers for their principal and related experience, so your title must reflect with your experience and the type of work you like to do. Titles provide a prospective client a high-level summary of your expertise. So, keep the item short and impactful—we ( recommend it should under 10 words and phrases. If you’ve carried multiple professional areas, place your primary skill first inside your title and don’t include over two to complete your title.

  1. Display your expertise within the Overview segment

Overview segment -

Your Upwork profile overview is the best pitch to potential clients. Really it should clearly state your specialized experience, specific skills and the work you’re the most passionate about.

Answer the following questions regarding clients:

  • What types of customer service actually you want to offer? What is your expertise level?
  • How many years of experience do you have in those particular grounds?
  • Have you worked with any specific platforms?
  • What languages have you been proficient both in oral and written?
  • What communication channels do you have experience in—email, live chat, help desk/tickets, phone (inbound or outbound)?


  1. Make your Skills section work for you

Skills section -

Do you conscious about customer service skills? You are able to choose it from the Marketplaces. Just be sure, your selection skills are matching with you. The easiest method is to maximize the skills section would be to add brand-new skills and take out old skills while they become dated. Place your strongest and most relevant skills in front. The marketplaces have many skill-based tests to further validate your expertise.

  1. Add a great Introduction Video with your profile

Add Video Upwork -

A introduction online video media differentiates the profile through others by providing clients a new compelling examine who you’re, what you offer, and how the language ability are.

To get start, here’s a new template tailored for customer support:

Introduction (5-10 seconds)

Hi! My name is [X] and I’ve [X] years experience inside [customer service] industry doing work for [list well-known company names] as [positions/titles].

Objective (10-20 seconds)

I’m seeking customer support positions doing [describe suitable role]. My ultimate position is…

Career Highlights (10-20 seconds)

Now I have worked as a [position/title] for [company/type of client] and I’m responsible for [main functions]. Basically I handled [describe the role: tickets/inbound calls/outbound calls, emails, escalations].

Conclusion (5-10 seconds)

[Thank to the viewer for their attention, convey the desire to work with them in the future and attract them to look at your profile.]

  1. Highlight your previous success in your Employment History

Upwork Profile Employment History -

Take advantage of this section by highlighting tasks you’ve done both in your experience on Upwork. If you’re new at all to the freelancing, add specifics of your previous work history, including virtually any call center or outsourcing experience. If you’re not new to Upwork, list virtually any significant long-term positions or clients. Overall this may help you to set up the credibility as being a successful professional long-term freelancer on Upwork.

SEO Content Writing Tips

Basic Concept of SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is a fundamental portion of any digital marketing strategy same as an online content writer or marketer. The key is always to strike the best balance; create high quality content that people want to learn to read and search engines want to index. Freelancing Solution-a renowned online marketing organization focuses primarily on SEO content writing services beside the other services which boost the rankings together with enhancing the brand impression.

SEO Writing Techniques: 5 Ways to Create Better Content

Use a calendar

Especially when you’re an online marketer, planning is important. That is why you’ll need a content calendar. Creating one enables you to plan & visualize most of the writing activity for the year. It helps you to plan about important days, identify gaps with your strategy, and gaze after publishing regularity, which is vital for both readers in addition to SEO. Making a calendar also forces someone to research your current keywords and topics. As you are writing all of your (captivating) headlines ahead of time and use a bird’s-eye view of your respective content, it is unlikely that you’ll repeat these, and you will see continuity. In the end, if you are carrying out through proper way, your web pages and web site will entice and retain more visitors.

Create outlines

Generating detailed outlines on your articles, blog posts, and web copy ahead of time does unique for you. It will save your time period and work. It permits you to structure your articles for better readability along with SEO. It furthermore makes you feel about the messages that you’d like to convey with your SEO publishing which can help you avoid blow. Ideally, the outline will contain three elements: a search engine optimized headline that packs a impact, a hierarchy of keyword-rich subheadings, and your main message/thoughts/ideas for that piece (you will forget later). Certainly, you could always optimize whenever you write, but this would be easy enough to perform ahead of time.

Write for your audience first

This might seem noticeable, yet most of the businesses today are still churning available articles for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Of course, it is SEO matters. But finding your articles and engaging with SEO are two different things. Just think- “A prospective client runs the search, finds the page and opens that. By reading one or two sentences, he / she bounce. Definitely, search engines do not purchase these products, services and ideas as people do. If the highly optimized articles are tedious, incoherent, and unpersuasive, or the SEO writing looks like, it was written for search bots; probably you aren’t planning to be selling a whole lot. It’s quite simple… Write for your readers! Optimize your articles with keywords if you are done.

Incorporate keywords effectively

Most of the writers and marketers understand the values of employing the keywords. What these, people don’t realize- it is that how you will use them & incorporate it with rankings in addition to user experience in a big way. Granted, by the SEO perspective, keywords aren’t as significant as they were previously, but such things as relevance, prominence, and density are matter. Is your main keyword as part of your heading and at least one subheading, as close to the beginning as you can? Have you used the item naturally and maintained a safe and sound keyword density? Have you incorporated LSI keywords and long tail phrases, through an easy method that brings value and facilitate reading? These are asking that you should be wanted to know at the time of writing.

Add images

Basically, this isn’t the writing technique, but it could possibly bring ones SEO content writing alive. Images accentuate your text message and enhance the likelihood which prospects will probably read and engage with your content. People tend to be naturally interested in them although picture quality is significant. Low-quality images can be a turn-off for potential customers. Engagement to one side, images can certainly boost ones SEO. In the event that optimized effectively, they can certainly generate visitors and increase your search engine ranking positions. In simple fact, image optimization is regarded as the search engines ranking issue. At the time of optimizing images, keep the quality of file size as small as you can. Also, make sure you add alt text and include your keyword inside descriptive file name.

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Graphic Design Elements

Concept of Graphic Design

Graphic design is usually art with a purpose. It involves an innovative and systematic plan to solve an issue or achieve certain objectives, with using images, symbols or even words. Of course it is visual communication and the aesthetic term of methods and suggestions using a variety of graphic aspects and resource tools.

Elements of Graphic Design

Producing beautiful design is around more compared to inspiration or from a better plan; it’s regarding understanding basic principles of the subject. Although it’s possible to spend years of studying the nuances of design and the many varying assumes on how to achieve success at that. Really there is a handful, or even two of basic elements that designer should be aware before starting any project. Even amateurs inside the field exactly who maintain particular blogs or even only create a hobby of it implementing next five ideas to create skilled looking pieces, and anyone who intends to make money using the endeavor must have to know them. Rules were meant to be busted, of course, but you should know what they may be first.

Lines: The most straightforward element of design is that of the line. Straight, curved, wavy, dense, thin – in terms of lines, the probabilities are boundless. Lines make it possible for designers in order to divide a place or individual content inside a layout along with drawing the eye to a specific location. For example, think about how precisely a journal uses lines to separate content, statements and side panels.

Graphic Design Lines

Shapes: Shapes are identified by edge, such being a line or even color, and they can be often used to emphasize some of portion of your respective page. Just about every little thing is ultimately a shape, so you should always think in terms of how the different elements of your design are generally creating shapes, and the ways of those shapes are interacting.

Graphic Design Shapes

Color: Color is just one the most obvious portions of design, for both user and also the designer. It might stand alone, as a background, or be applied to various other elements, including lines, styles, textures as well as typography. Color produces a mood within the piece and tells a story about the brand. Each & every color says a different thing, and combinations may change that impact further.

Graphic Design Color

Typography: Perhaps the single most important part connected that with graphic & web page design is called typography. Distinct fonts, combined with customized alignments, spacing, sizing, and coloring, can include power to the point you are communicating towards the world. Typography can easily transform a communication from simple text to a masterpiece of design.

Texture: Basically websites and graphic design do rely on the appearance and conception of texture towards the screen. Textures can make a more three-dimensional look concerning about this two-dimensional surface area. Even getting some sort of smooth and also glossy advertisement can appear to be more tangible along with texture.

Tools of Graphic Design

Actually, professional designers always possess a creative mind with an artistic desire, and so much more. Keen observation skills in addition to analytical thinking are necessary tools regarding graphic design, before they dig within their physical instrument kit in addition to touch pen to paper or stylus to tablet. Designers employ many different methods to combine art in addition to technology to be able to communicate a certain message and create a remarkable visual.

 Sketchpads: The conventional tool utilized to sketch available ideas; it is the quickest way to put in writing the hard designs, which designers could develop additionally using various other tools in addition to different technologies.

Computers: Computers today occupy a necessary place in designer’s instrument kit. Hardware such as tablets let designers to be able to expand their creative freedom and gaze after that sketchpad really feel.

Software: Technological innovation has popped new entrance doors for realizing creative perspective. Specialized software such as Illustrator in addition to Photoshop will help you to create pictures, enhance photographs, stylize text message, and synergize all of the pieces inside incredible layouts. If you’re having problems with specialized software checkout Mac and Laptop solutions provided by PC Repairs Ipswich.

Graphic Design communicates your brand in addition to message creatively with extraordinary business art logos, enchanting literature, newsletters with impact, and stunning posters.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress

WordPress and a concept of free website

Not like other “free” and “open source” solutions which may have hidden agendas, WordPress. org is totally free and forever to suit your needs. WordPress enhances and boosts websites at every step of the progression: users can save money, take handle over their particular sites (add/edit/remove content), add advanced efficiency (e-commerce, mapping, user submitted content/article/blog, etc.) and acquire better listings. WordPress. org is merely a stroke of genius and in most of the cases, we are pride to use it to make beautiful along with powerful websites for our clients. If you are interested in getting specialist help to set up or optimize the WordPress. org web site, contact with us any time.

The benefits of using WordPress platform:

  1. WordPress is completely free and open source.
  2. Awesome company that takes care of WordPress.
  3. Plugins also give you more functionality.
  4. The Visual Editor and CMS are Outstanding.
  5. Easy way to add a blog to your site.
  6. Themes let you style your site.
  7. It’s easy to keep WordPress secure.
  8. Google loves WordPress.
  9. WordPress Sites are accessible.
  10. Your site also can grow with you.

Only 7 steps can give you a completely Free website.


Go WordPress from your search engine by writing in your search bar. When it appears then you have to click on the indicated area.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 01


Here you just click on “Skip”.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 02


This step is an important step in the guide to how to speed up your WordPress website. Here you have to choose a keyword and of course it would be unique and dynamic. And the keyword should contain the concept of your website. People like short keyword to write in the search bar. If your keyword is short, simple & meaningful, your domain will give you a chance to hit your site. So, choose a keyword and click on “Select Button”.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 03


Here you have to select your Plan. So, click on free plan.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 04


In this step you have to fill up a form where you need to give your email address, a unique user name and a password. And then click on “Save Settings”. When you complete this step, you will get a activation email in your email address.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 05


When you get WordPress verification email, you have to confirm the email address by clicking here.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 06


Wow, now you get a unique and completely free website to publish your posts. If you want to promote your site, please contact with us.

How to Create a Website Using WordPress Setp 07

Local Citations for Business Impact

What is Local Citation?

Local Citation is simply where your company or business is mentioned on other websites and places found on the Internet and it is really an important factor for your business and this could be in various forms:

  • Company Name, by itself.
  • Company name & phone number.
  • Company name, address, & phone number,  .
  • Company name, address, phone number, & link.
  • etc.

Freelancing Solution is one of the renowned growing Internet Marketing Service providers offering the Local Citations Service. Basically, it is seen in most of the sites the partial citation and a partial citation is one which consists of the part of your NAP – maybe your “name and phone number” or “name and address”. Actually, this is better than nothing, but not as advantageous as a full citation because a full citation is one which bears your business’s entire NAP. A complete citation should always include with the company name, address and phone number.

Different kinds of local citations

There are two types of citations. One is called structured and another is unstructured. Both of these are important for your business. Structured citations are what you’ll find in your typical local online directories. For example, with sites like,,, freeindex, tripadvisor, foursquare, touchlocal and many more where it’s possible to enter your business name, address, phone number, website and other details if you choose to (which you should).There are lots of local directory and information sites that will allow you to build structured citations. But you have a little less control over your unstructured citations, which may come from newspaper articles, blog posts, job websites, government sites and online magazine articles.

The key benefits of local citations:

Actually there are a number of key benefits to judge when it comes to local citations. This includes:

  • Playing an important part in ranking algorithms on major search engines: Local citations play a vital role when it comes to the ranking algorithms on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The search engines like to have lots of information about your business that it can refer to. The more indication that it can find, the more credibility it gives to all that information and the most important matter is to make sure that all of your business data is dependable right across to the internet. They could help your business rank higher than those with fewer citations.
  • Instilling confidence in consumers: Google or other search engines use citations to verify the exactness of the contact information in their local business listings too, as listing addresses or phone numbers which are out of date, incorrect or untrustworthy, looks dreadful on them and causes people to question the consistency of their search results. If accurately the same NAP will be listed on more than fifty different websites, it’s surely to be 100% correct information, and definitely Google can be more confident in showing that NAP to the searchers. And if your business is also mentioned on a variety of other sites, particularly authority sites, consumers will be more confident about using you to purchase goods or services. This is because local citations give your business more credibility and reduce the risk of your company being some sham fly by night business.
  • Making it easier to locate your business details: Another benefit you have to consider when it comes to local citations is how these can make it easier for people to locate your business contact details. This in turn means that you could benefit from more business, as your company details will be more visible and easier for people to find.